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League of Legends is a MOBA with some of the most visually striking champions. Since I started playing it, I have seen a plethora of artworks and splash images that were wallpaper-worthy. I was particularly fond of the animated login screens that showed when I loaded up the client. If you’re feeling nostalgic like me, here is a playlist with most of them.

You can get them on your desktop through Riot Games’ official League Displays. It’s no surprise that the game’s popularity has led to the creation of countless fan arts from plenty of animators, illustrators, and artists. Search for them on platforms like DeviantArt or ArtStation. You’ll be met with endless League of Legends fan art images.

But which is the best League of Legends fan art?

Key Info Up Front

League of Legends fan arts are a great way of appreciating the game, the developers, and the characters portrayed. You shouldn’t buy them—because no piece of fan art should ever be for sale, no matter how spectacular. Instead, take a look at the artists’ original works, and perhaps you can show support for those.

Selection Criteria

There are a few things I considered when looking for these fan arts:

  • Artworks that put League of Legends characters in a distinct environment
  • Artworks that either shed light on or subvert a champion’s traits
  • Artworks that aren’t simply copies of the game’s official artworks
  • Sheer, unbridled awesomeness

Best League of Legends Fan Art

Noxus Bros

League Of Legends Fan ArtNoxus Bros

Artist: GisAlmeida

Source: DeviantArt

Darius and Draven are Noxian brothers. Darius is Noxius’s most-feared leader, while Darius, his younger brother, is a celebrated warrior who loves receiving adulations for his feats. In the image, the brothers are together in what looks like an arena – or a battlefield. Darius has his thumb down and looks regal with his cloak flapping behind him.

Draven, meanwhile, is on one knee, showing the cocky smile that shows his nature. The artwork accurately shows the brothers’ personalities and where they thrive most: in battle. DeviantArt user GisAlmeida made the Noxus Bros artwork in 2014 for the Polycount Riot Games Art Contest, officially judged by Riot Games themselves.

Tahm Kench Retreat

League Of Legends Fan Art Tahm Kench Retreat

Artist: Benlo

Source: DeviantArt

Tahm Kench is among the broken champions in League of Legends for his sheer tankiness and kit. His ultimate ability is fascinating because he devours an ally (or enemy) champion in his mouth. He carries allies away in his mouth, shielding them and tanking damage from the enemy champions.

This is what is happening in this artwork from DeviantArt user, Benio. Tahm Kench ferries Jinx away while she smirks at the pursuing enemies: Katarina, Lux, Graves, and Blitzcrank.

Tahm Kench is probably Ghosting away because he is running so fast his hat has fallen off. Meanwhile, Blitzcrank has barely missed grabbing them with his Rocket Grab ability. This fan art shows how fierce team fights can be in League of Legends and how it’s often wise to flee from a losing battle.

In fact, that’s what inspired Benlo to make the artwork. He wanted to capture how a champion like Tahm Kench can run into a team fight and save a teammate, much to the annoyance of the enemy team.

Dr. Mundo for Riot Games Art Contest 2014

LOL Fan Art Dr. Mundo for Riot Games Art Contest 2014

Artist: Denys Tsiperko

Source: ArtStation

If you know Dr. Mundo, then, like me, you’ve probably wondered what goes on in his head. He considers himself a doctor but is actually a madman who killed the staff in his asylum and used the available medicines on himself, becoming increasingly monstrous.

ArtStation user Denys Tsiperko tries to answer that question with this artwork. In one half of the image, it’s a moonlight night. Ziggs is impaled on a dead tree by Dr. Mundo’s ax. He is fountaining an alarming amount of blood from his mouth, which flows over Mundo.

On the other half, though, the blood has turned into a wet, dripping rainbow surrounded by butterflies. Mundo is no longer purple but pale-skinned and blond-haired. A basket of fruits is behind him, along with poros. The setting has also changed to a meadow on a bright, sunny day.

If this is what D. Mundo really thinks of, no wonder he’s so deranged. Denys submitted this illustration to the 2014 Polycount Riot Games Art Contest, and he actually took 3rd place.

Laurits Rask – EUW

League Of Legends Fan Art Laurits Rask Euw

Artist: Laurits Rask

Source: League of Legends

Artworks don’t all have to involve champions in skirmishes. In fact, some of the best show champions behind the scenes. This artwork by Laurits Rask does precisely that. It shows Udyr in training. However, what makes it interesting is that Udyr is not using any of his usual stances: Tiger, Turtle, Bear, Phoenix, or even Monkey’s Agility.

Instead, he’s trying to learn a new stance: Pengu Stance. A serious-looking Pengu is on a rock ahead of him, and their postures mirror each other. We also see the spirit form of the stance behind Udyr. They are training on a mountain—or inside one. Lava illuminates them from a distance.

This neat image shows how the champions might learn new abilities if that was an option. It was also a League of Legends Fan Art Contest Winner in 2021.

Nasus Kim – NA

League Of Legends Fan Art Nasus Kim Na

Artist: Nasus Kim

Source: League of Legends

This is another 2021 League of Legends Fan Art Contest Winner, and it’s a scrumptious-looking one, too.

Here, Galio is in his Birdio getup, chowing down on some pizza and a bucketful of crispy fried chicken. The chicken is from AFK, a play on every online gamer’s fear: having a teammate Away From the Keyboard in the middle of a game.

Sivir, meanwhile, is in her Pizza Delivery skin. She is helping herself to some of the chicken. But that’s not why I consider this one of the best League of Legends fan arts. What elevates it to a masterpiece is the two baby birds looking at the drumsticks in horror (and the openly weeping three-eyed crow). Could the drumsticks actually belong to the baby birds’ species and not chicken?

Perhaps I’m overthinking, but I found that aspect quite intriguing.

Hellfire Akali

League Of Legends Fan Art Hellfire Akali

Artist: m-hugo

Source: DeviantArt

As far as skin ideas go, Hellfire Akali is among the better ones. She has yellow hair and eyes and wears rugged armor. Even her kunai and shuriken are metallic, with a fire trail coming from the blades. With her mask, she reminds me of Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion.

Ziggs is behind her while Rengar is in front and the background has darkened clouds. League of Legends already has a fire-themed skin for Akali: Infernal Akali.

However, Infernal Akali is a djinn with a blend of charred and flaming skin. Hellfire Akali incorporates the fire elements into Akali’s human form.

League of Legends contest – Yasuo vs. Annie

League of Legends contest - Yasuo vs. Annie

Artist: quanro

Source: DeviantArt

Ah, the age-old question: Who will win in a mid-lane battle between Annie and Yasuo? The answer constantly changes because the variables change (nerfs, buffs, new meta, etc.). However, a battle between Annie and Yasuo is always something to look forward to. After all, both of these champions can quickly destroy each other with a well-placed use of their ultimate abilities.

This artwork shows that fight, with Yasuo facing Annie. Yasuo has his Wind Wall, while Annie has summoned Tibbers. Things are about to go down, and the artwork does a fantastic job showing us that moment.

League of Legends 2 vs. 2 promo

League of Legends 2 vs. 2 promo

Artist: Stanton Feng

Source: ArtStation

Remember when League of Legends introduced Showdown, where champions fought 1v1 or 2v2? Those were fun times, eh? This artwork is inspired by that game mode. In this case, we have a juicy 2v2 battle of Draven and Darius facing off against Hecarim and Katarina.

Draven, being himself, is spinning his blade with a grin as he faces Hecarim. Katarina has eyed him for a possible assassination, but Darius is already swinging his ax at her. Hecarim has just used his ultimate ability, and we see spectral riders behind him.

This artwork shows us a few things:

  • Draven’s love of battle
  • Darius having his brother’s back
  • Katarina’s nimbleness
  • How big and intimidating Hecarim looks if his ultimate is turned on and he’s dashing at you.

Cho’Gath Fan VU

League Of Legends Cho'Gath Fan VU

Artist: Taylor Jansen

Source: ArtStation

Cho’Gath is among the most terrifying champions in League of Legends, especially during the late game. Cho’Gath can wreak havoc on the rival team if he is fed while soaking up enough damage to destroy a whole group.

Taylor Jansen’s fan art is an accurate portrayal of Cho’Gath. That’s because this monster from the Void really grows bigger after devouring an enemy, according to lore.

In the artwork, Cho’Gath is a titanic beast that dwarfs the humans facing it; they are probably just food to it. There are changes to the monster’s look, of course. For one, Cho’Gath’s serrated teeth extend throughout his long neck. His claws and tails are also ridged with spikes.

Warriors are attacking Cho’Gath from all sides, but it looks futile: as it should when you’re facing the Terror of the Void. The artwork took home 3rd place in the Riot Creative Contest 2017.

JINX Joker

League Of Legends Jinx Joker

Artist: Chang Chun Mao

Source: CGSociety

It’s no secret that Jinx has always had Joker (And Harley Quinn) elements in her character. This comes to light in her Get Jinxed song and the popular Arcane TV series.

Artist Chang Chun Mao decided to blend them and turn Jinx into a version of Joker. She has a mad gleam in her eye and is grinning. However, this is a sinister grin because it’s the signature Joker grin, with lipstick that stretches into the cheeks to form a permanent smile.

In front of her, a monkey toy is holding a card with a monkey Joker drawn on it. Above it, there is a Bat-signal drawing with an X over it.

This would be a fantastic crossover if it ever happened. But, for now, we can dream, right?

Executioner Braum

League Of Legends Executioner Braum

Artist: Roman Tishenin

Source: ArtStation

Braum is among the more lovable League of Legends champions. Big shield, big heart, and a big, twirly mustache. He is one of the few champions you can root for. Roman Tishenin’s portrayal of him is an exciting twist. Braum is now an executioner. He’s still grinning, but that grin now has a sinister look that shows in the red glow that reflects in his eyes.

His shield is now a guillotine. From the looks of it, it has been used more than a few times.

There are poro judges on either side wearing top hats, and they look dead-serious. There is another poro beneath the guillotine’s blade, but he seems cheerful. Could he be just fooling around? Or could this be his final act of defiance before the blade falls?

Either way, this is a striking image. How striking, you may ask? Enough to win 1st place in the Riot Creative Contest 2017.

League of Legends – At the Beach

League Of Legends At the Beach

Artist: patrickdeza

Source: DeviantArt

Sometimes, League of Legends champions need a break from their battles and challenges. So a little time for R&R is always welcome. We see that in patrickdeza’s League of Legends – At the Beach. This is not a Pool Party theme, but it’s not too far off.

We see Katarina lounging on a chair, sipping on a coconut. Teemo and Lulu are beside her, with Teemo putting the finishing touches on a sand mushroom. There are a series of ‘shrooms behind him leading to a bar called Nunu’s. Blitzcrank is seated, using his claw to grab a coconut from the tree above him.

To Katarina’s other side, we see Maokai—now a fully-fledged coconut tree. He is glaring at a Rift Scuttler. He has thrown one of his saplings—a coconut, in this case—at the oblivious creature. On the ocean, Jinx is riding on a speed boat that resembles her rocket launcher, Fishbones.

The artwork shows a refreshing glimpse of how the champions might spend their free time. However, I’m dubious about those Teemo sand mushrooms. Teemo isn’t one of the most hated characters in League of Legends for nothing.


League Of Legends Emumu!

Artist: Julie Anne Aragão

Source: ArtStation

Amumu has always been sad, which we see in all his skins—makes you feel sorry for the poor Yordle. In his Emumu skin, he joins the emo subculture probably because he’s sad, so very sad.

Julie Anne Aragão shows us Emumu fully embracing this culture to the extent that he becomes a singer. His hair is black on one side and purple on the other, and he is dressed in a blend of black and purple. His skin is still wrapped in bandages, lest we forget that he is a mummy.

Emumu is singing to an audience of emos. Whatever he’s singing, it’s clearly affecting him because he’s crying. This artwork takes me back to the heyday of emo and goth in the 2000s—when new bands seemingly popped up every week.

Winter Wonder Zoe and Yuumi

League Of Legends Winter Wonder Zoe And Yuumi

Artist: Nicolas Aucher-Fargue

Source: CGSociety

This winter-themed artwork by Nicolas Aucher-Fargue shows Zoe and Yuumi in a snowy setting. Instead of her usual clothes, Zoe wears a blue skirt, a scarf, and a sleeveless top. She is running in the snow, grinning as her hair flows.

Behind her, we see a Pengu hurling snowballs and Yuumi, following on her magic book. There are happy squirrels in the background and poros that have fallen into the snow. This is a fun, happy, and peaceful artwork that makes you long for winter and shows the innocence of these characters. It also makes me long for official Winter Wonder skins for these two champions.

Cafe Draven

League Of Legends Cafe Draven

Artist: Hozure

Source: DeviantArt

What if Draven had a café that the other League of Legends characters frequented? Imagine no longer, because that’s what the exceptional Hozure has given us. The artwork shows Kindred and Soraka on a date, Warwick sharing a meal with Teemo and Kog’Maw, and Gragas sharing a drink with Braum.

Riven (in this case, Battle Bunny Riven) is serving them more pints. Lulu, meanwhile, is carrying a plate almost comically stacked with pancakes. From the way she is licking her lips as she looks at the pancakes, it appears like that’s her meal.

For me, the highlights of this artwork are the paintings of Draven on the wall. I know he likes to grin, but he looks so goofy. It’s almost like he commissioned a joker like Jinx to paint him.

Mabel Pines as Teemo

League Of Legends Mabel Pines As Teemo

Artist: J.B. Van Harmontt

Source: ArtStation

Now, this is a mashup.

Gravity Falls is among my favorite animations, so I already consider this artwork a masterpiece. We see Mabel Pines wearing a Teemo costume, from the hat to the binoculars. She still has her goofy look, which is a nice touch. Beside her, Renekton towers over her. Even though he’s acting gentlemanly, he’s just so massive and looks like he can crush her without even trying.

The Jokes on You!

League Of Legends The Jokes On You!

Artist: Dave Wolf

Source: ArtStation

Shaco is among the most annoying champions to face in League of Legends. Shaco’s kit makes him a pain for enemy champions, from his clone to his jack-in-the-box. As it happens, his kit is also annoying to neutral monsters.

This artwork shows that. Shaco is taking down Baron Nashor by himself—which usually needs the whole team unless a champion is super-fed. Instead, however, he lets his jack-in-the-box and clone do all the work.

You can see this in-game, so the artwork does a stellar job showing Shaco’s broken kit.

League of legends – fall of demacia

League Of Legends Fall Of Demacia

Artist: MErdt

Source: CGSociety

This is a relatively dark artwork. It showcases the fall of Demacia. Sion, the Undead Juggernaut, is standing triumphant in the aftermath of battle. His spiky armor has damage, and several arrows are stuck in it. Other than that, he doesn’t look injured.

For Garen, though, it’s a different matter. Demacia’s proud warrior lies under Sion, his face buried in the ground and his sword broken. Beside Sion, we see the lance and helmet of Jarvan IV. Smoke rises from several places in the background as several buildings are damaged.

This looks like a total defeat for Demacia, and I’m curious about what came before and what happens next.


Question: What Is League of Legends Fan Art?

Answer: This is simply artwork made by fans of the game that has not been officially commissioned by the developers, Riot Games. Fan art is usually a way for artists who love League of Legends to show their love of the game and its world and characters. In fact, the best pieces of League of Legends fan art tend to gain so much popularity that they even win prizes.

Question: Can I Make My Own League of Legends Fan Art?

Answer: Anyone can make their own piece of fan art. That’s why it’s called “fan art.”

Question: Can I Charge for my League of Legends Fan Art?

Answer: Absolutely not. Making a piece of fan art is alright because you are showing appreciation to the game’s developers and designers. However, charging for your fan art is both unethical and illegal, and it will get you in a heap of trouble.

Question: Where Can I Find The Best League of Legends Fan Art?

Answer: That depends. There are several sources. However, the ones I recommend are DeviantArt, ArtStation, and CGSociety. These websites credit the creators of the artworks, and you can view their other works. Even League of Legends’ official wallpaper app has a section for fan art.

Best League of Legends Fan Art: Conclusion

As League of Legends fans, we are lucky to have so many works of art celebrating the game we love. The pieces of fan art I have highlighted show how some fans are so devoted that they craft visual gems for the world to see.

With the best pieces of League of Legends Fan Art above, you now have many ideas for your wallpapers.

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