Baron Nashor Guide

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Baron Nashor is the strongest neutral monster in League of Legends. With its creation, Riot paid homage to Dota’s strongest minion called Roshan (Nashor is a backward anagram of Roshan). The monster is mentioned in a few other alternate universes, including Star Guardian and Arcade.

Although considered a neutral entity, Baron Nashor can have a major impact on the outcome of a game. To be precise, killing the monster would provide a team with a strong buff that lasts 3 minutes. With that effect, you can gain a decisive edge over the opponents helping you close the match.

Key Info Up Front

Baron Nashor, or simply Baron, is the most powerful creature on the map. By killing it, your team gains a temporary advantage over opponents, which could potentially help them win the game.

  • Health: 9,000 (+180 extra health per minute from the start of the game)
  • Experience awarded: 600 global experience, 800 local experience
  • Gold awarded 300 to every team member, 325 to the Baron’s killer
  • Health regeneration: 15 (+0.375 extra health regeneration per minute from the start of the game)
  • Attack damage: 285 – 435 (starts at 285 and increases by 15 every 2 minutes)
  • Range: 955
  • Attack speed: 0.625
  • Armor: 120
  • Magic resistance: 70
  • Passives: Debuff Immunity, Presence of the Baron, Baron’s Gaze, Void Corruption, Voracious Corrosion
  • Abilities: Acid Shot, Acid Pool, AOE Rear Attack, Tentacle Knockup

Baron Nashor Basics

Baron Nashor has numerous passives and abilities that make it much stronger than regular monsters and champions. He also has several types of attacks fit for various situations and team compositions. Although a few champions can solo him, you commonly need the whole team to take him down.

This epic monster spawns after 20 minutes, and it has a 6-minute respawn timer. While Baron provides enormous experience and gold, the main reason why you would kill him is to get a buff called Hand of Baron. The effect lasts 3 minutes, during which you will have bonus ability power and ability damage, Empowered Recall, and aura that increases the strength of nearby minions.

As soon as you get the buff, you should head towards enemies’ inhibitors. The effect is especially powerful in lanes while you’re surrounded by minions. Even if you were previously at a stalemate, you should now be able to breach enemy defenses.

The monster has three basic attacks: rear attack, melee attack, and ranged attack. In most cases, Baron Nashor will use his ranged attack. He launches a project on targets in front of him, dealing 100% AD physical damage. The attack leaves 2 stacks of Voracious Corrosion debuff.

Occasionally, the monster will use a melee attack dealing 100% AD physical damage to the main target and 50% AD physical damage to surrounding targets. The rear attack is only used when an enemy is behind Baron. It deals 100% AD physical damage to a single target.


Debuff Immunity

Debuff Immunity is powerful protection that makes Baron Nashor extremely strong. You cannot stun the monster or affect it in any other way. Furthermore, the allied team cannot reduce his stats, which is why you need to increase your own AD and AP if you wish to take him down quickly. The only exception is stasis. The developers added this vulnerability to allow certain teams and champions to restart the fight or escape from it.

Presence of the Baron

The presence of the Baron is mainly a functional passive. Once the monster spawns, it will knock back all champions, wards, traps, and pets. In other words, he will always be in the same spot during the fights. If you try to place any object on top of him, later on, he will knock it back as well. The passive also prevents champions from ghosting through Baron.

Baron’s Gaze

With Baron’s Gaze passive, the monster will take 50% reduced damage from the target he has recently attacked. The effect lasts for 8 seconds. This passive exists so that tanks cannot be the main damage dealers. Alternatively, it makes it hard to solo Baron Nashor or to take him down with a small squad.

Void Corruption

When performing basic attacks, Baron Nashor will do additional 60 magic damage (+20% attack damage) every 0.75 seconds. The passive effects closest champion with the lowest amount of Voracious Corrosion. Unlike ranged attack, which applies 2 stacks of Voracious Corrosion, Void Corruption will only apply 1 stack of the debuff.

So, even if you’re not the Baron’s primary target, you can still get hit with the ability. This can be dangerous for squishy supports.

Voracious Corrosion

Voracious Corrosion is another reason why the monster is so tricky. It is a passive debuff that reduces the champion’s magic resistance and armor by 0.5 per stack. The effect can stack up to 100 times, reducing your armor and magic resistance by 50 each.

The passive prevents you from tanking Baron Nashor for too long. As a result, teams with 5 tanks or a combination of tanks and supports find it hard to take down the monster. Furthermore, the debuff makes you very vulnerable if the enemy team comes to the pit. Voracious Corrosion lasts 8 seconds.


Baron Nashor has several active abilities. He will use a spell after every 6th auto-attack, and he won’t reuse the same ability until he casts all other spells. While the first ability rotation is random, you can predict the other ones. In other words, they become cyclical.

Acid Shot

After a 2-second channel time, Baron Nashor will spit poison in a straight line. The spell is cast for 2 seconds, and it will deal 20% AD magic damage to everyone it hits. You can easily predict the ability as there is a graphic marker on the ground before its cast.

Acid Pool

Like Acid Shot, Acid Pool is an ability that is wound up for 2 seconds. The monster will spit three circular pools that deal 10% AD magic damage upon impact. These pools will remain in place for 2.5 seconds slowing anyone caught within by 50%. Movement slow is not that problematic against Baron, but it can cause an issue if you’re backstabbed by the enemy team.

AOE Rear Attack

AOE Rear Attack is a spell that is only activated when there is someone behind the monster. However, unlike the auto-attack, the ability version is much more powerful. It works in an area causing 50% AD damage and stunning champions for 0.5 seconds. Keep in mind that the ability will only be activated if there are more champions in the back than in front.

Tentacle Knockup

One of Baron Nashor’s tentacles will erect from the ground after a 1.25-second delay. The champions on the very top of the tentacle will be knocked up for 1.25 seconds and will take 25% AD magic damage. Champions and units on the very edge of the tentacle will be slightly knocked up.

Baron Nashor Set Up

Jumping into Baron Nashor’s pit blindly is the last thing you want to do. Instead, your team should prepare for engagement in advance. Getting ambushed while at low health can lead to a team wipe, enemy getting the buff, and finishing the game in the next few minutes.

Ideally, you should start the engagement when several opponents are dead. Even then, you have toward the opposite side of the map from which the enemies are most likely to come. Keep them in the dark while giving yourself maximum vision.

Furthermore, you should also push the top and mid-lane. As minions go forward, they will provide an additional vision of the lanes so that no one can sneak up to you.

Attacking Baron Nashor while trailing behind is much trickier. If the enemies are alive, they will most likely challenge you and can even steal your kill. Eliminating a few of them before attacking Baron is always good, but even then, the remaining opponents might still exploit your disadvantageous position.

If you’re unable to kill the opponents and create a numbers advantage, you can try a few other tricks. For example, you can push the bot lane forcing the enemies to react. As they go down, you can go to the pit.

Alternatively, you can engage the strongest, most valuable enemy 1 on 1 somewhere on the map, so he doesn’t have time to react. Meanwhile, the rest of your team should attempt the kill. Keep in mind that this plan has to be well synchronized, something that is hard if you’re not in a team.

No matter what you do, make sure that your attempt is not obvious. Gaining a few valuable seconds can make a difference between success and failure.

Tips for killing Baron Nashor

Baron Nashor has changed stats over time throughout different patches. The monster is always meant to be challenging regardless of your items and champions’ levels. However, as the game progresses, it will be easier to take him down.

Certain lineups perform better against this monster. Ideally, you should have a balanced team with significant damage and sustainability. Here are some tips that will help you kill him faster:

  1. Taking Baron down is much easier with a tank. Even so, you should try to finish the fight as soon as possible. Voracious Corrosion will take its toll on the frontliner, and the stacking debuff is especially dangerous if you get ambushed.
  2. Baron Nashor’s spells are very tricky. Luckily, you can easily dodge them. Pay attention to visual cues to avoid them. This is especially important for squishy damage dealers as they are critical for ending the fight quickly.
  3. Stacking behind will prompt AOE Rear Attack. So, make sure that you’re in front of the monster.
  4. Avoid heroics in the pit or trying to take Baron by yourself. Furthermore, all your teammates should be full-health when you engage. Even if you aren’t in danger of dying to Baron Nashor, there is always a chance that the enemy team will surprise you while in this vulnerable position.
  5. Make sure that all your allies are alive when you take the Baron. If someone on your team is dead, they will not get the buff making the kill that much less valuable. This will also stifle the incoming push.
  6. Have a champion on the outside of the pit who can properly engage enemies if they start swarming down. Your ally should be good at zoning out.
  7. Even if you’re attacked by the enemies from the outside, the Baron will continue attacking you. In these situations, it is best to exit the pit and finish the fight with the enemy team before reengaging the monster.
  8. Once you kill the Baron, you should go base to regenerate and regroup. The only exception is when you’re already full health and mana and ready to push.

Like many things in League of Legends, experience is crucial for dealing with Baron Nashor. Understanding when’s the right time to go can help you get a clean kill.

Last Considerations

Baron Nashor is one of the game’s main objectives. Although you can always finish a match without his buff, he makes everything that much easier.

To increase your odds of killing the monster, you should have good vision around the pit. It also helps if a few enemies are down for the count or if you manage to push the lanes before the attempt. Quickness is the key, and as soon as you kill Baron Nashor, you should proceed by attacking the inhibitors and, ultimately, the Nexus.

Baron Nashor Guide: FAQs

Question: What is Baron Nashor?

Answer: Baron Nashor is the strongest monster in League of Legends. By killing it, the whole team gets a powerful buff called Hand of Baron, which should assist you when pushing high ground and taking team fights. The monster also provides a sizable gold and experience reward.

Question: Is it possible to solo Baron Nashor?

Answer: There are a few champions who deal better with Baron Nashor than the rest. So, with the right items, you take him down alone. Generally speaking, champions who have a summon and high sustainability are a better choice.

Question: How much gold does Baron Nashor give?

Answer: When you kill the monster, he will provide 300 gold to every team member and 325 gold to the Baron’s killer.

Question: Does Baron buff make minions faster?

Answer: The Hand of Baron provides several buffs to surrounding minions. Besides increased movement speed, they will deal more damage, take less damage, have increased size and attack range.

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