League of Legends Champions Guide

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League of Legends’ champions features diverse kits that are difficult to master, especially for new players. With over +150 champions, it can seem overwhelming if you’re beginning your MOBA journey. It will take a tremendous amount of time to learn how to play them and impact team fights.

However, with the right dedication, you’ll be ready to take on summoner’s rift in no time. Champions in League of Legends have unique abilities that fit in a specific category, such as assassins, mages, DPS, bruisers, and tanks. The best way to begin is by completing the League of Legends’ basic training to familiarize yourself with the game’s core concepts.

To help new gamers, we’ve put together an in-depth guide about all you need to know about League of Legends champions. We’ll discuss roles, champion types, and the easiest to hardest characters to play.

What Is League Of Legends Champions?

Champions are characters that players control on the map. Each champion has a unique kit that has 5 abilities. Usually, they can be categorized as damage, passive, dash, trap, crowd control, and an ultimate ability. League of legends champions can be divided into categories based on their kits. They each have a unique role necessary to help the team win.

  • Tanks: They excel at shrugging off incoming damage and being a stump in the enemy’s attacks. Tanks won’t deal much damage and rely on allies to kill enemies while they use crown control.
  • Bruisers: These fighters are durable and are damage-focused melee champions. They are difficult to kill during team fights and primarily concentrate on squisher targets.
  • Assassins: They specialize in infiltrating enemy lines and killing fewer mobile champions. Often, they have low hit points but can output a lot of damage.
  • Mages: Mages are offensive casters that cripple opponents by using potent spells. These characters can be split into burst mages, battlemages, and artillery mages.
  • Supports: Every team needs a good support character to aid allies to victory. Often they are either tanks or have abilities that will help teammates by increasing damage or providing heals.
  • Marksmen: These champions rely on sustained damage at range. Their kits are excellent for DPS but are incredibly fragile. Therefore, marksmen need to have a supportive ally to protect them from attacks.

What Are Roles In League Of Legends?

League of Legends’ main map “Summoner’s Rift” features multiple roles that require different playstyles. There are 5 roles based on the physical location of the map:

  • Top: Top lane players will play tanks, bruisers, and duelists to capitalize on the split pushing potential. Players will take the teleport summoner spell since the top lane is an island compared to other map sections. This lets them quickly get to the team fights without leaving their lane.
  • Mid: Mid laners spend the early game at the center of the map. The most common champions in this lane are mages and assassins because they can roam quickly to side lanes. This lets them get quick leads and not be punished harshly for leaving mid.
  • ADC: Attack Damage Carry (ADC) has low hit points but deals with high DPS. They are pivotal in team fights as they can continue to damage without waiting for their abilities to reset. Additionally, ADCs synchronize best with support characters in the bot lane.
  • Support: A great support is essential to winning in League of Legends because they provide a lot of utility. Generally, they aren’t allocated team resources such as last hits and kills but help get other teammates ahead. These characters will go to bot lane alongside the ADC. Also, supports will take exhaust to limit the damage output by the enemy ADC.
  • Jungle: Junglers are champions that spend the early game killing creatures that can be found between lanes. They must take smite, which allows them to clear jungle camps faster and secure important objectives like Baron or Drake. Junglers focus on getting teammates ahead by ganking their lanes.

What Are Champion Abilities?

All-League of Legends champions has 5 core abilities that follow the same structure: 1 passive, 3 basic abilities, and an ultimate. Moreover, players will opt for leveling up one skill to increase its damage and keep utility spells at level one.

  • Passive: Once the game begins, passive abilities will take effect until the end of the match. Players cannot level up this ability, but it will scale with the champion’s level. Passive abilities can feature unique mechanics that define a champion’s gameplay. For example, Viktor’s augment passive will make players focus on farming to become powerful late-game.
  • Basic Abilities: These are available from level 1 and are controlled by the Q, W, and E keys. Throughout the game, basic abilities are learned by ranking them after increasing your level. Moreover, these skills usually involve damaging abilities, crowd control, and dashes.
  • Ultimate: This skill is available from level 6 and can be ranked up again at levels 11 and 16. This is the most powerful ability in any champion’s kit since they feature significant damage or utility. However, ultimate abilities are not overpowered as they usually have a long cooldown timer.

How Do I Know Which Role To Play?

New players should try all roles and experiment with different types of champions. You’ll soon find out which play styles you prefer and what’s the most fun. Sticking with a single champion can quickly become stale, so keep experimenting with characters, builds, and roles.

However, gamers can play one champion and master the playstyle to perfection. These players are called “One Trick Ponies”. Learning a champion takes dedication but will help get more victories in Ranked because you’ll know every aspect of the character and make better decisions during the game.

However, it’s not recommended to play this way as the enemy can ban your champion, leaving you with options you don’t know how to play.

Ranked mode lets you select 2 main roles, making it easier to plan your champion pool. We recommend learning 5 champions for your main role and 3 for the secondary role. This lets you have more choices and not be punished if your preferred character is banned during Champion Select.

Best League Of Legends Champions

League of Legends has over 150 champions, which can be overwhelming for new players. We’ll go over the best champions for each role.

Top Lane

There are a variety of top laners that are useful in today’s meta. These characters are great duelists and can snowball exceptionally fast.


Irelia is one of those champions that can take over games. She can be played top or mid due to her diverse kit. She requires a lot of skill to play but is very rewarding as Irelia can demolish unsuspecting players. Irelia focuses on using her dash and resetting it to deal damage quickly.


  • Passive – Ionian Fervor: Irelia gains a stack of bonus attack speed and gains bonus damage at maximum stacks.
  • Q – Bladesurge: Irelia dashes forward to strike her target and heals herself. If the target is marked or dies, the cooldown is reset.
  • W – Defiant Dance: Irelia charges a strike that deals more damage as she charges. Also, during the charge, she will take reduced damage.
  • E – Flawless Duet: Irelia sends out 2 blades that converge on each other. Enemies caught in between will be stunned and marked for Bladesurge.
  • R – Vanguard’s Edge: Irelia fires several blades outward, hitting enemy champions. Opponents that are hit will be damaged and marked. Furthermore, the blades will form a wall that will damage and slow players that go through it.


Yorick is a brilliant split pusher that uses minions to defeat opponents. His kit lets him plow through minion waves and get to towers. Therefore, making it harder for opposing top laners to help during team fights since Yorick will open up the enemy base. However, Yorick compliments teammates very well during team fights as his ultimate lets him spawn in the Maiden of the Mist, which can tank enemy ultimates.


  • Passive – Shepherd of Souls: Yorick can summon Mist Walkers to swarm nearby enemies.
  • Q – Last Rites: Yorick deals bonus damage on his next attack and heals himself. If the target dies, a grave will spawn.
  • W – Dark Procession: Yorick summons a circular wall that will block enemy movements. The wall can take 2 hits before being destroyed.
  • E – Mourning Mist: Yorick throws a globule of Black Mist that damages and marks opponents. Yorick’s ghouls will jump and attack if an enemy champion is hit.
  • R – Eulogy of the Isles: Yorick summons the Maiden of the Mist that can attack enemies from a distance. It automatically raises Walkers from dead enemies.


The sett is the ultimate fighter that can deal huge amounts of damage. He is favored in most matchups, and when ahead, Sett is unstoppable. Sett is excellent in team fights because his ultimate ability lets him target weaker opponents like ADCs. However, being camped can put Sett behind and take away his advantages. Therefore, players must know when to engage and pick their fights carefully.


  • Passive – Pit Grit: Sett’s basic attacks alternate between right and left punches. Right-hand punches are faster and slightly stronger. Also, he gains additional health regeneration based on missing HP.
  • Q – Knuckle Down: Sett’s next 2 attacks deal additional damage based on the opponent’s max health. Moreover, bonus movement speed will be applied when moving towards enemies.
  • W – Haymaker: Sett passively stores damage he takes as Grit. All the stored Grit will punch an area dealing true damage and gaining a shield when casting Haymaker.
  • E – Facebreaker: Sett pulls all enemies on opposite sides of him, dealing damage and applying a stun.
  • R – The Show Stopper: Sett carries an enemy champion through the air and slams them to the ground dealing damage and slowing all surrounding enemies.

Mid Lane

Mid lane is the most impactful role because you can influence the side lanes by roaming. Therefore, playing viable champions is essential to winning consistently. These are the best champions to play as their kits are versatile to fit any situation.


Viktor is a brilliant control mage that can turn fights with his burst damage. He has long-range poke, fast combos, and excellent crown control. The early game is the most challenging part as Viktor needs to scale to become useful during team fights. His passive lets him upgrade his abilities, making him a late-game monster.

Also, he is great at dealing with ganks since the burst combos can deter junglers. However, Viktor’s weakness is his movement speed. Therefore, he needs tanks in front to support him from getting focused.


  • Passive – Glorious Evolution: Viktor can upgrade his abilities by getting 100 points. Points are gathered by killing minions and opponents:
    • Basic minions provide 1 point
    • Cannon minions provide 5 points
    • Enemy champions provide 25 points
  • Q – Siphon Power: Viktor blasts enemies dealing damage while gaining a shield.
    • Augment: Viktor gains movement speed, and shield size increases by 60%.
  • W – Gravity Field: Viktor deploys a gravitational field that slows enemies in its radius. Enemy champions that stay inside too long are stunned.
    • Augment: All other spells apply a slow to enemies.
  • E – Death Ray: Viktor fires a chaos beam that cuts across the ground dealing damage to all enemies in its path.
    • Augment: An explosion follows the path of the laser with a 1-second delay.
  • R – Chaos Storm: Viktor uses his powers to create a singularity on the field that deals magic damage every second. The initial attack interrupts enemy channels.
    • Augment: Chaos Storm moves 25% faster.


Zed is an easy assassin to pick up but challenging to master. His kit allows him to burst enemies within seconds and teleport back to safety. Zed is best in a 1v1 situation as only a few champions can defeat him. Therefore, split pushing during the mid-game works in Zed’s favor as it pressures multiple enemies to go towards Zed while his teammates secure objectives.


  • Passive – Contempt For The Weak: Zed deals bonus magic damage to targets with low hit points.
  • Q – Razor Shuriken: Zed and his shadows throw shurikens.
  • W – Living Shadow: Zed spawns a shadow that can use any of his abilities. Using the ability again will transport Zed to where the shadow is placed.
    • Passive: Zed gains energy whenever he and his shadows strike an enemy with the same ability.
  • E – Shadow Slash: Zed and his shadows spin, slashing nearby enemies.
  • R – Death Mark: Zed becomes invisible and dashes to an enemy marking them. The mark will explode after a short duration dealing physical damage. The ultimate effectiveness relies on how much damage Zed can deal during the few seconds an enemy is marked.


Ekko has a difficult kit to master but is super fun to play. The ultimate spell lets Ekko go back in time 6 seconds and deals huge damage to surrounding players. Also, Ekko will revert to the HP he had 6 seconds ago, making it difficult to burst down.  His abilities focus on killing enemies quickly and ulting to safety.

The early game is tricky as Ekko doesn’t have his ult and needs to play safe. The main focus should be killing minions and waiting for enemies to make mistakes. His best playstyle is to push mid and roam to help teammates.


  • Passive – Z-Drive Resonance: Every 3rd attack will deal magic damage.
  • Q – Timewinder: Ekko throws a temporal grenade that deals magic damage and applies a passive stack. Afterward, the grenade will rewind, dealing damage on its return.
  • W – Parallel Convergence: Ekko deals more magic damage to low HP enemies. Casting the spell will create an anomaly that will slow enemies inside. After a few seconds, Ekko can stun enemies inside the anomaly.
  • E – Phase Dive: Ekko rolls and warps reality, teleporting him directly to his target.
  • R – Chronobreak: Ekko becomes unforgettable by rewinding time back a few seconds. Enemies near his arrival zone will take massive amounts of damage.


Junglers play a vital role in any team’s success because taking objectives is necessary to gain an advantage. They need to focus on killing Dragons, Baron, and Rift Herald to prevent the enemy from gaining bonuses while taking them yourself.

Furthermore, junglers need to gank lanes to help teammates gain a lead, which snowballs games to victory. Also, helping losing lanes can turn the tides and negate any opponents’ leads.


Vi is a tanky bruiser that can clear camps in seconds, letting her gank lanes much faster than opposing junglers. Her ultimate targets opponents and cannot be stopped, making it devastating when going for squisher enemies. Also, Vi can solo dragon early, giving her team an edge within minutes.


  • Passive – Blast Shield: Vi charges a shield that can be activated by hitting an enemy.
  • Q – Vault Breaker: Vi chargers the gauntlets, thrusting her forward, knocking opponents back. Also, the ability will apply a stack of Denting Blows.
  • W – Denting Blows: Vi’s punches break the opponent’s armor and deal damage based on their health.
  • E – Relentless Force: Vi’s next attack blasts opponents dealing damage and applying a stack of Denting Blows. Also, enemies behind the target will receive a small amount of damage.
  • R – Cease and Desist: Vi targets an enemy and knocks anyone in the way. Once she reaches her target, they are knocked into the air and slammed into the ground.


Zac is a super tank that can soak up damage and be a nuisance during team fights. He’s a great choice if you need an AP tank, as he can deal a lot of damage to low HP targets. Often ganks will occur by running through bushes, which can fail due to them being warded. However, Zac can use his jumping ability behind the enemy vision to initiate surprising assaults.


  • Passive – Cell Division: Zac sheds a chunk of himself when hitting an enemy. They can be reabsorbed to restore missing health, making him viable while jungling. Moreover, after receiving fatal damage, Zac will split into 4 blobs that will recombine after a few seconds.
  • Q – Stretching Strikes: Zac stretches his arm, grabs enemies, and bashes them together.
  • W – Unstable Matter: Zac explodes, dealing percentage damage to surrounding enemies.
  • E – Elastic Slingshot: Zac attaches his arms to the ground and stretches back, launching himself forward.
  • R – Let’s Bounce!: Zac bounces 4 times, knocking up enemies and slowing them.

Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao has an easy kit to learn, making him accessible to new players. He performs best in 1v1 situations due to his increased healing and knock-ups. Also, avoiding a gank from Xin Zhao is challenging because of his long-range dash.


  • Passive – Determination: Every 3rd attack deals bonus damage and heals.
  • Q – Three Talon Strike: Xin Zhao’s next 3 attacks deal increased damage, with the 3rd hit knocking opponents in the air.
  • W – Wind Becomes Lightning: Xin Zhao slashes in front with his spear and thrusts forward, slowing enemies.
  • E – Audacious Charge: Xin Zhao charges to an enemy gaining attack speed and dealing damage to surrounding enemies.
  • R – Crescent Guard: Xin Zhao challenges an enemy he damaged recently and inflicts damage to nearby enemies based on their health. He creates a circle around himself, negating damage from champions outside the perimeter.


ADCs are the primary sustain damage dealer of the team and are essential to winning team fights. They rely on powerful auto-attacks to slay minions, monsters, and opposing champions. Often their kits have abilities that increase attack speed or damage, dashes, and knockbacks. However, ADCs are vulnerable, so players must adjust to a safer playstyle. Often support will help during the early phase to help scale your character to the mid and late game.


Jinx has always been a meta champion because she scales well into late-game. Her rocket attacks extend her range when battling in team fights, making it harder for her opponents to reach her. Additionally, Jinx can impact the map from bot lane with her global ultimate that deals increased damage to low HP targets.

However, players must play safe since Jinx has no dashing abilities to get her to safety. Therefore, it’s essential to learn the auto-attack distance and always have teammates nearby.


  • Passive – Get Excited: Jinx receives increased attack and movement speed whenever she helps kill objectives or enemy players.
  • Q – Switcheroo!: Jinx switches between her minigun and rocket launcher. The minigun gains attack speed, making it excellent for tearing down towers. On the other hand, the rocket launcher has increased range and deals AOE damage but drains mana per shot.
  • W – Zap!: Jinx uses her shock pistol to fire a blast that will slow and damage the first enemy hit.
  • E – Flame Chompers!: Jinxs throws a line of snare grenades that will explode after 5 seconds, rooting enemy players.
  • R – Sumer Mega Death Rocket!: Jinx fires a super rocket across the map that gains more damage as it travels. Also, the damage will increase based on the target’s missing health.


Jhin is a long-ranged champion who can hit enemies safely from a distance by using his long-range auto-attacks. However, due to his passive, Jhin doesn’t rely on quick auto attacks but instead 4 powerful heavy-hitting shots. The 4th shot does the most damage and is brilliant for finishing low-health enemies.

The ultimate attack fires 4 shots at extreme range that pierce through minions and monsters but stop at impacted champions dealing huge damage. It’s an amazing ability for finishing team fights or killing enemies that run out of Jhin’s auto-attack range.


  • Passive – Whisper: Jhin’s hand cannon can fire 4 shots before reloading. The final bullet critical strikes with increased damage and grants boost movement speed.
  • Q – Dancing Grenade: Jhin launches a magical cartridge at an enemy, bouncing up to 4 times and increasing damage for every unit killed.
  • W – Deadly Flourish: Jhin fires a long-range shot that stops at the first champion hit. If the enemy is marked, Deadly Flourish will root the champion.
  • E – Captive Audience: Jhin places an invisible lotus trap that blooms when enemies walk over it, slowing them and exploding after a few seconds. After Jhin kills an enemy, a lotus trap will automatically spawn on their corpse.
  • R – Curtain Call: Jhin channels a shoulder-mounted mega-cannon that fires in a V-shape. The ultimate can fire up to 4 shots at extreme range, slowing enemies that are hit. The last shot is guaranteed to critically strike and deal the most damage.


Caitlyn is the best ADC in the early game as she can use her range to poke and gain a considerable advantage. Pressuring early games leads to the enemy ADC getting less farm and acquiring items later, letting Caitlyn control the lane. Also, her ultimate lets her finish off low health enemies by dealing massive damage at long range with her sniper shot.

Unless Caitlyn is fed, her damage falls off mid-game as she has no game-changing buffs like other ADCs. However, in the late game, she makes up for it as her long-range auto attacks deal significant damage to squishes.


  • Passive – Headshot: Caitlyn gets a guaranteed critical strike every few auto-attacks.
  • Q – Piltover Peacemaker: Caitlyn shoots a projectile in a straight line that deals physical damage.
  • W – Yordle Snap Trap: Caitlyn deploys traps that immobilize enemies for 1.5 seconds when stepped on them.
  • E – 90 Caliber Net: Caitlyn fires a heavy net to slow targets in front of her while pushing herself back.
  • R – Ace in the Hole: Caitlyn takes the time to deliver the perfect shot, dealing huge damage at long range. However, enemy champions can intercept the bullet to save their ally.


Support champions are often assigned bot lane to help ADCs farm and gain an advantage. The role’s initial goal is to assist vulnerable teammates through the game’s early stages in providing utility like heals, shields, and crowd control.

The optimal strategy is to buy an economy item that will increase gold per minute without killing minions, letting the ADC get more farm and scale much faster.


Getting hit by a Dark Binding from Morgana can feel like an eternity, making her difficult to face. She’s a brilliant support champion thanks to her kit involving multiple binds, shields, and damage over time abilities.

Her most powerful ability is Black Shield because it anoints an ally with a protective barrier that absorbs magical damage and negates crowd control effects. Therefore, she’s helpful in all situations and can counter multiple champions with one ability.


  • Passive – Soul Siphon: Morgana drains the spirit from her enemies and heals herself when dealing damage.
  • Q – Dark Binding: Morgana fires a spell that binds an enemy in place while dealing damage on impact.
  • W – Tormented Shadow: Morgana casts a cursed shadow on an area that deals damage per second.
  • E – Black Shield: Morgana places a protective barrier on herself or an ally to absorb magical damage and disabling effects.
  • R – Soul Shackles: Morgana lashes out dark chains onto nearby enemy champions, which will bind all enemies after a delay.


Braum is one of the easiest and most impactful supports in League of Legends, thanks to his multiple crowd control tools. He doesn’t deal any damage but focuses on protecting allies at all costs with his unbreakable shield. Braum synchronizes best with hyper-carries like Jinx, Vayne, and Kalista since he can protect them during team fights.


  • Passive – Concussive Blows: Braum’s basic attacks apply a stack of Concussive Blows. After reaching 4 stacks, the target is stunned and takes magical damage.
  • Q – Winter’s Bite: Braum propels freezing ice from his shield dealing magical damage and slowing enemies.
  • W – Stand Behind Me: Braum leaps to an ally champion or minion, giving bonus armor and magic resistance for a few seconds.
  • E – Unbreakable: Braum raises his shield for several seconds, intercepting all projectiles and negating damage.
  • R – Glacial Fissure: Braum slams the ground, knocking up enemies nearby and in front of him. Afterward, the fissure is left behind slowing enemy champions.


The yordle mage is an excellent support to ADCs due to her life-saving ultimate and shields. She’s not easy to play, but Lulu becomes a frustrating champion to fight against once mastered. Also, Lulu buffs allies DPS by using her Pix, which deals magical damage. This makes it difficult for tanks to build items as ADCs will deal damage from a mixture of elements.


  • Passive – Pix, Faerie Companion: Pix fires magical bolts of energy that home in on enemy units.
  • Q – Glitterlance: Pix and Lulu fire a bolt of magical energy that heavily slows all enemies hit.
  • W – Whimsy: Grants allies movement and attack speed for a brief Casting the ability on an enemy will transform them into an adorable critter that can’t attack or use abilities.
  • E – Help Pix!: The ability will shield an ally and follow them to help increase DPS. Casting on an enemy will damage them and reveal their location for a short period.
  • R – Wild Growth: Lulu enlarges an ally, giving them bonus health while knocking nearby enemies into the air.

What Are The Easiest League Of Legends Champions?

League of Legends can seem like a complicated game with +150 champions with unique abilities. However, some characters have simple kits that are easy to understand and play.


Garen is pretty easy because he doesn’t use any mana, so you can engage enemies frequently. In addition, he doesn’t have any skill shots, making it impossible to miss your abilities. Also, Garen is ultra-durable because his W ability increases armor and magic resistance. Moreover, the passive heals him after trading, which helps him sustain during the early game.

Master Yi

Master Yi is the easiest jungler to play because of his straightforward kit. His damage comes from auto-attacks by building crit and life steal focused items. Master Yi can get easy kills by going for the backline and focusing on squishy targets during ganks. His Q ability makes him invulnerable to attacks, which is brilliant to use when an enemy is going to use a crowd control ability.


Malphite is a flexible champion that can be played in mid, support, and top. Traditionally, he is a tank champion, but he can be built as an AP mage that can one-shot enemies. Additionally, his passive grants him a shield that blocks damage and helps him survive longer. His ultimate has an AOE knock-up that is incredibly difficult to dodge, making him an excellent team fighter.

What Are The Hardest League Of Legends Champions?


Azir is perhaps the hardest champion to master due to his complicated kit. His learning curve is steep, so players will skip past him during Champion Select. However, a skillful player is devastating with Azir because they can control the team fight and poke from a distance.

Moreover, he can protect teammates by using his ultimate that throws a wall at enemies, knocking them back. Also, using complicated combos can extend the range of his dash, meaning he can get to the enemy backline and use his ultimate to throw squishes into your tanky teammates.


Aphelios is extremely difficult to play as he features a unique UI that other champions don’t have. Summoners must play almost perfectly with Aphelios as he’s very punishing for missing attacks and miss positioning. Also, his autos have 5 different settings that are very situational, so before playing Aphelios, you’ll need to have a lot of game knowledge.

The cherry on top is that he must balance attack and ability damage. Most champions will focus on building one type of damage source, but Aphelios requires a mixture of AD/AP to be viable.


Yasuo is one of the most picked champions in the mid-lane as he seems easy to play due to no mana and his straightforward kit. However, mastering Yasuo is no simple task since players must learn when to attack, focus on farming, and not get focused during team fights. His damage is fantastic, but he gets easily harassed by other mid-laners with their range.

Therefore, players should build life steal on Yasuo to increase his sustain and not miss out on the potential farm. Yasuo synchronizes well with champions who have knock-up abilities in their arsenal since he can instantly cast his ultimate. The best comp for Yasuo is a Malphite top since he can knock up multiple champions from his ultimate, giving Yasuo a significant advantage.


Question: Which Is The Easiest Role To Play?

Answer: While League of Legends features multiple roles, the easiest to play is jungle since you won’t need to fight against other players. New players can get to grips with the mechanics at their own pace by fighting jungle camps and occasionally ganking. By helping other lanes, you’ll always be in a 2v1 or 3v2 situation, which minimizes your odds of dying.
The most difficult part of playing jungle is knowing when to gank and go for objectives. This is learned through playing multiple games. Often more experienced players will ping available objectives, making it easier for new junglers to learn.

Question: What Are Summoner Spells?

Answer: Summoner spells are abilities players can use for defensive or offensive purposes. They are chosen during the Champion Select phase before the game begins. Each player can choose 2 summoner spells to aid them in-game.
• Clarity: Restores 50% maximum mana to your champion and 25% to nearby teammates.
• Ghost: Your champion gains 28-45% increased movement speed and can pass through units such as minions.
• Heal: Restores 90-345 health based on your level and 30% increased movement speed.
• Exhaust: This summoner spell reduces enemy champion damage by 40% and applies a 30% slow for 2.5 seconds.
• Barrier: Applies a shield for 115-455 based on level for 2 seconds.
• Cleanse: Removes all debuffs to your character like stuns, slows, taunts, and binds. Also, a 65% reduction to crowd control effects will be applied for 3 seconds.
• Teleport: Your champion can teleport to a turret, minions, or ward after channeling for 4.5 seconds.
• Flash: Teleports your character a short distance.
• Ignite: Ignites a target champion dealing 70-410 true damage over 5 seconds. Also, grievous wounds will be applied, meaning enemies won’t heal much.
• Smite: This summoner spell only applies to junglers. The ability deals 390-1,000 true damage to a monster or minion based on level. Furthermore, it will restore 70 + 10% hitpoints.

Question: What Are Teamfight Tactics?

Answer: Teamfight Tactics is an auto battler game that was released in 2019. It takes champions from League of Legends and places them in an environment where they can fight to the death. Each game begins with 8 players that will try to improve their squad and claim the victory. During the match, players will receive item components that they can combine on champions to give them more power.
Compared to Summoner’s Rift, Teamfight Tactics features a more relaxing environment. It’s a brilliant option for those looking to take a break or try a completely different game mode. Also, players will receive rewards like emotes that can be used in the main game.

League of Legends Champions Guide: Summary

That concludes our guide to League of Legends champions. We’ve covered the main roles and the best champions to play. If you’re new to League of Legends, consider trying the easier champions first and work your way up the ladder. Once you hit level 30, you’ll have access to ranks to test your skills against other players in a competitive setting.

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