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Fredrick is a copywriter, blog writer, and devoted cat dad. He currently writes video game guides for LoL Fanatics and FNAF Insider. When he’s not writing about video games, though, he’s either playing them for hours on end or watching anime with his cats. Fredrick is also an avid horror fan, with a deep fascination for Five Nights at Freddy’s and supernatural horror movies.

Kda Skins Guide

Kda Skins Guide

League of Legends is no stranger to in-game universes that display its champions in unique ways. Among the most popular are its virtual music bands. Riot Games has often released music videos for its World Championships. However, it often uses real-world musicians and bands for them. The developers have also released music videos for some

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Akali Skins Guide

Akali is among the older champions in League of Legends. Released on 11th May 2010, she has been around for over a decade. However, among the higher-difficulty assassins, not too many newer players have mastered her kit. Those who have tend to terrorize their opponents in matches. Akali can efficiently deal tons of damage while

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Morgana Skins Guide

Morgana, the Fallen, is among the earliest mage champions in League of Legends. Released in 2009, she has a timeless kit that has gone through relatively few changes over the years—especially compared to champions like Nunu and Sion. Their kits have gone through significant changes. Her current kit favors a support role, though you can

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Annie Skins Guide

Annie is one of the original 17 champions released on League of Legends and was among the first 6 designed with Singed, Sivir, Sion, Lee Sin, and Twisted Fate. She is a child with pyrokinetic abilities and can summon her bear, Tibbers, to life. Since release, Annie has always been an intimidating champion. No matter

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Thresh Skins Guide

In League of Legends, various locations with unique elements have affected their champions in a certain way. Champions from the Shadow Isles have some of the most noticeable changes because they have been tainted by dark sorcery and an evil Black Mist. Thresh is one such champion. Others include Kalista, Elise, Gwen, Karthus, Maokai, Vex,

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Teemo Skins Guide

In League of Legends, Teemo is one of the champions gamers love to hate. The main objective of LoL, as the game is fondly known by its massive gamer base, is to destroy the enemy team’s nexus (the heart of their home base). However, plenty of team fights occur before that happens. In these fights,

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