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Renekton Skins Guide: League of Legends Must-Knows

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It’s crazy to see how a certain character can represent moments, events, people, and various pop culture aspects by only changing their model. However, League of Legends knows how to do that perfectly, and one of the examples is Renekton. 

It’s hard to use a crocodile as the basis to create more skins. Since a crocodile has certain aspects that need to stand out for the skin to make sense when compared with the original. Nonetheless, League of Legends made a great effort by doing models that perfectly fit Renekton’s personality into the game, so I know it’s hard to decide which skin should you buy.

But Renekton has 12 skins, and every skin is different from the other. I’ll show the most important aspects of every skin, starting from the base one.

Base Skin

First of all, we need to see Renekton’s base aspect as it will work to compare it with the other skins. 

Renekton’s most relevant things to consider are his armor and his blade, alongside his dark green tone on his skin. Also, Renekton has some sharp teeth and claws too. The last thing to look at on Renekton is when his passive’s Fury unit is completed.

Renekton’s armor is silver-colored, it lacks detail, but it still looks good. The armor covers his head and shoulders alongside his arms. Meanwhile, his blade is shaped like a half-moon, where he picks it in the middle. It is half bronze and half silver, resembling some brilliant metal, and has a green gem on the middle. When Renek’s passive bar is full, Renekton’s eyes turn red, and he gains some red rings on his arms. 

His basic attacks are quite simple as he only impacts his objective with the blade; there are not many effects on it. The spin on his Q looks like a basic attack with a quick spin that leaves some marks in the ground. With Renekton’s passive completed, Renekton’s spin effect changes from the blade’s color to a red-colored one. 

On Renekton’s W, the silver part of the blade turns into an orange color, and he lands two basic attacks on the objective. He also gets a green aura around his head. With the W combined with the passive effect, there’s not much change except for a third basic attack that he lands from up to down of the objective, alongside mocking laughter from Renekton. 

Renekton’s E is a double spin; both spins have the same sandy-like effect, like if the spin raises some soil when Renekton passes by. The sandy effect goes with a whirl around Renekton, and when he lands the spin on an objective, there’s blood popping out. With the passive effect, the whirl effect looks red instead of white. 

Renekton’s Ult makes him grow, but his design doesn’t change much. Finally, he gets a sandstorm around him, which has some beetles going by, and that’s pretty much it. He also has an animation when growing, where he growls to the sky. 

Now that we know how does Renekton looks like, let’s check the skins one by one, and let’s highlight the most relevant changes all of them bring to the crocodile. 

Skins Available In the Shop

Bloodfury Renekton

Price: 975 RP. 

Release Date: July 26th, 2011. 

The first skin we will check is Bloodfury Renekton, part of the Bloodstone skins theme. 

His armor has more details than before, and his skin is now red. A great addition to this skin is the pair of horns Renekton has on his head, which makes him look evil. Another small (but cool) detail is that his tail now has a small ax-like blade. 

Renekton’s blade gets some more spines, and it changes the form of the blade itself too. It doesn’t have the green gem anymore, and it changes from a half-silver half-bronze to a full ocher tone with a silver edge. 

The skins present some slight changes on Renekton’s effects; the basic attacks and abilities effects have some little tweaks and changes, but they look a lot like the base skin’s ones, but he changes the color of the sandstorm of his Ult. Instead of having a sand-like color, it now turns red. The beetles remain the same. Lastly, his SFX doesn’t change. 

Scorched Earth Renekton

Price: 975 RP

Release Date: February 10th, 2014. 

It’s time to look at the coolest 975 RP skin Renekton has, Scorched Earth Renekton. This one is part of the infernal skin theme. 

Starting on his armor, his head is uncovered, and now he has a dark-silver plate around his back, connected with a chain that passes through his chest. One of his arms has a metallic wristband while his other arm is also uncovered; he also has metallic legs and tail.

Still, the tail has a divided pattern alternating between orange and metallic parts. First, his head’s color is changed to a dark green crest, while his cheeks are light brown. Lastly, his jaw changes, and now he has a metallic one.

Now on his blade, split into two parts and connected with a metallic tube that Renekton uses to hold the weapon. The blade’s edge is orange, while the rest is painted with a dark metallic color, also having some cool spikes through the weapon. 

This skin forgets the main concept around Renekton, which is desert-like effects, and instead, it really changes Renekton’s model. This time, his effects are orange-colored as his weapon has an orange blade. 

His fury effect changes to fire around his arms, and his eyes turn yellow instead of red. Another important effect Scorched Earth has is that the aura on his W changes from some green lights to a deep black aura around Renekton’s head, which also has some orange and yellow details. The last thing to mention on this skin is that his Ult aura now changes to a fire aura, and the beetles disappear and turn into some fire sparks.

Pool Party Renekton

Price: 975 RP

Release Date: September 9th, 2013.

It’s time to check on Renekton’s most loved skin, Pool Party Renekton! This skin completely changes the feel we have on Renekton; instead of looking like a reckless warrior, he now feels like he’s having a great time, and he’s chilling and enjoying as a lifeguard. 

One of the things that helps the skin feels completely different from Renekton is that he doesn’t have his armor anymore; instead, he now has a white T-shirt, red shorts, and some cool shades. Also, his blade isn’t a blade anymore. Instead, it is now an orange lifeguard board. 

Most of the effects change onto light green dashes, and the aura on his W changes into blue lines. This skin also includes new sound effects. For example, when Renekton dashes with his E, we can see bubbles going upwards alongside the whirl with their characteristic bubbling sound, and his lifeguard-board blade doesn’t sound sharp; it now sounds like a raw hit. 

The coolest part of this skin is Renek’s Ult. He roars to the sky as usual, but then, he uses his whistle (that you can hear), getting bigger and having a water-like aura around him, with many bubbles. Lastly, when the Ult ends, it sounds like water is going through the drain. 

Prehistoric Renekton and Renektoy

Price: 750 RP

Release Date: June 14th, 2015 for Prehistoric Renekton, and March 29th, 2017, for Renektoy. 

I’m putting these two skins together as they don’t change effects or sound effects; they are only a remodel. 

Prehistoric Renekton resembles a blue dinosaur. His armor is gold-like; he has a golden plate on his head and two golden shoulder pads. The golden plate has four small spines and a bigger one in the middle. The last characteristic worth mentioning is the red crest crossing through Renekton’s back. 

His blade is a golden base with five metallic and sharpy pieces. 

Let’s talk about Renektoy, which I like a lot. 

Renekton has a plastic-like aspect on this skin, with a grey chest with three yellow spikes going from the back. However, he’s mostly green, and his jaw is ivory-colored. A great detail that people don’t notice until seeing him for a long time is that his arms are linked to his body with metallic joints, like the real articulated toys. 

His blade is separated into two parts; it is yellow and linked through two black tubes; Renekton uses one to handle it. This skin is very simple yet is great to use. Also, is very cheap! And it also has chromas, which is great for a 750 RP skin! 

Blackfrost Renekton

Price: 1350 RP

Release Date: March 5th, 2020. 

This is the first available-for-purchase skin (because he got Hextech Renekton, I’ll talk about that later) that got completely new animations, sound effects, and voice effects, and it’s very cool. So let’s take a look. 

Renekton completely changes into an ice beast; it looks like a dinosaur than a crocodile. Blue body, dark blue arms, and legs, a purple crystal on his forehead, red eyes, spikes on his back and shoulders that end on his tail; it looks like a frozen villain! He even exhales vapor! 

His armor is rather simple; some silver-like rings cover his shoulder spikes, a breastplate with silver details covering his two sides. 

His blade is the best part of the skin; it is made of the same black frost material as Renekton, with blue, dark blue, and purple details. It looks like sharp ice with some spikes on the sides, and a great detail on it is an eye in the middle of the handle. 

As I said, this skin changes all the animations and sound effects, so let’s take a look at all his animations: 

  • His basic attacks and his Q looks like light blue dashes, and when they land on the objective, it leaves some icy shards. 
  • When Renekton’s passive gets active, his eyes and forearms get a dark-purple mist. When he is in Fury, the light blue spin turns into a dark purple spin with golden borders. 
  • Renekton’s W makes his blade get a purple shine.
  • The spin animation on Renekton’s E is slower; it leaves ground marks on the floor and has a dark-blue trail. 
  • Lastly, on his Ult animation, he growls to the sake, getting bigger and being surrounded by an ice storm with some ice shards going around him. 

This skin also comes with many Freljord-inspired details that I highly recommend looking at. It also has some chromas that change Renekton’s color palette; I like chromas on the skins because they can make a skin more unique, and you can find a color scheme that suits you better. 

PROJECT: Renekton

Price: 1820 RP

Release Date: May 27th, 2021. 

This skin is interesting as it is not a crocodile or even a robotic crocodile; it is a human inside a crocodile-like suit. It is an interesting turnaround that I personally like. 

The amount of detail on this skin is amazing, and I recommend looking at it for yourself. The predominant colors on this skin are white, orange, and black. Renekton looks like a robotic crocodile on the outside, the most iconic part of its big orange teeth and claws. However, you can open his head, and you’ll see a human controlling the Croco-suit; a guy with white hair. 

His blade has an orange cutting edge, a black handle, and other white details that make it look like part of the armor itself instead of a separated part. 

The animation for the abilities have the known PROJECT effect that we already know; geometric forms, orange sparks, and a great contrast within orange and black tones. These effects predominate on every Renekton’s ability. Nonetheless, with Fury, Renekton’s abilities also get some purple and black tones on the animations. 

The W, when activated, makes the blade shine in yellow tones while giving Renekton an orange aura on his head. Also, the E dash changes the typical whirlwind to an orange with a red trail. 

But the best part of this skin is the Ult. It changes Renekton’s size and changes the colors by turning all the white details into dark grey, giving him an orange aura with some geometrical effects. Lastly, it gives an interface on the screen that only the skin user sees.

On the interface, you can see when the passive is completely charged, so it’s like having the passive bar directly on the screen. Whenever you kill someone while in Ult, you can see some Renekton’s head popping on the screen, marking the kills you got. 

This skin also has chromas that vary the color pallet in case you don’t like the Orange-Black-White color combination. 

Legacy Skins

Renekton has four legacy skins; these aren’t able to purchase, and the only way you can get them is through chests or through the Your Shop discounts. 

These are Galactic Renekton, Outback Renekton, Rune Wars Renekton, and SKT T1 Renekton. 

Galactic and Outback Renekton

Price: 520 RP

Release Date: both on January 18th, 2011. 

These two skins have the same feature as Prehistoric Renekton and Renektoy; they only change Renekton’s aspect but don’t change Renekton’s effects. 

Galactic Renekton is a mostly white crocodile with blue clothes and a silver chest plate with red crystal details. His blade’s only interesting feature is two spikes in the cutting edge, but it looks like the base skin’s blade. 

Meanwhile, Outback Renekton is a cooler skin that makes Renekton have an outback, desertic suit inspired in Australia. 

He’s a blue crocodile with a leather hat, a leather vest, and a blade tied to a handle with some leather. 

To only cost 520 RP, this skin is very good; sadly, it is part of the Legacy vault, but I’m sure this skin would be bought if it was available to purchase. 

Rune Wars Renekton

Price: 975 RP

Release Date: April 30th, 2012. 

This skin makes Renekton look like a warrior, with a gold-like armor with some red details. This skin is great because the armor completely covers Renekton, and others don’t. 

The blade looks a lot like Darius’ Ax, with a spike on the middle that looks like it works for stabbing. 

It also has some enhanced VFX, but it looks like the base skin. The only interesting change is on the Ult, which makes him be in a red tornado with sparks around him. 

SKT T1 Renekton

Price: 975 RP

Release Date: August 17th, 2016. 

This skin is part of the SKT T1 skin set that the team won when winning the Worlds that year. 

Renekton doesn’t have armor on this skin; instead, he has a blue jacket with the SKT T1 logo on the back, red headphones on the head, and an orange visor on his left eye. Renekton is like a grey crocodile on this skin, but it lacks detail. 

The blade is really good as it literally is the SKT T1 logo. The effects get changed to the same as the base skin but with some colors on the dashes that resemble the logo’s colors. Sadly, the Ult is disappointing as it only differs from the base skin on the sand’s color, which changes into blue, and the SKT T1 logo appearing on top of Renekton’s head, but it keeps the sand-like aura with the beetles that don’t suit much with the skin theme. 

Special Skin; Hextech Renekton

Price: 10 Gems

Release Date: December 20th, 2018. 

This skin is very hard to get as you need to have ten gems to buy it, which can get hard if you are unlucky with the chests or expensive if you decide to buy them. 

The Hextech skins set are characteristic of some features; their color palette is always the same, with gold and light blue details and blue sparks always going on the skins. Hextech Renekton isn’t the exception. It looks like a Piltover robot. 

He has a golden head with blue eyes, golden shoulder plates, a golden tail and forearm plates, and golden hands and paws. 

The blade is simplistic but almost perfect; it has a golden handle that looks like Renekton’s armor, with a sphere in the middle, and the cutting edge looks like the Rune Wars Renekton’s one (as it has a spike in the middle to stabbing). Still, instead of silver, it looks like a sharp crystal. 

Sadly, the animations on this skin aren’t the best, as they look good but are very simple. But, at least, the Ult makes Renekton have an electric aura which is very cool. 


Question: Which is the inspiration for Outback Renekton? 

Answer: Of course, it looks a lot like the famous Crocodile Dundee and the outback Australian culture. His skin bio has a reference to Steve Irwin too! 

Question: On which dinosaur is Prehistoric Renekton based? 

Answer: Prehistoric Renekton looks like the Spinosaurus, mostly because of the red crest on his back. This skin was released to celebrate Jurassic World’s premiere, so it normally looks like a dinosaur. If you like this kind of skin, you should take a look at Prehistoric Anivia and Cho’Gath! 

Question: Which player does SKT T1 Renekton represents?

Answer: It is said that the team skins always represent a player of the team that won the Worlds tournament. In this case, SKT T1 Renekton was a request from MaRin, the Korean Top Laner of the SKT T1 team.

Renekton Skins Guide: Conclusion

Renekton has some solid skins; there’s not a bad one on his catalog, and if you can buy them, do it! They aren’t a waste. If I have to recommend one to buy, It will be PROJECT: Renekton, but if you aren’t able to spend much money on a skin, Poolparty Renekton or Bloodfury Renekton. Of course, Scorched Earth isn’t bad at all. 

And, if you don’t care much about VFX or anything like that, go for Renektoy! 

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