LoL Tier List

LoL Tier List

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I’m pretty sure you are constantly seeing the same Champions in your matches; the same Camilles, Rivens, Yasuos, and Swains breaking the Summoner’s Rift constantly, and it’s because they are excellent Champions. 

This is because there’s a pack of Champions with a lot of utilities, while others don’t; some can bring a lot to the table for their team, and others fall constantly apart because they can only do specific things for their teams and can be easily countered. 

I want to clarify something before explaining the Tier List rules and the criteria I chose to organize the Champs; there are no useless Champions in League of Legends. The Champs in the C tier is there because, in comparison, there are Champions that can perform way better than them. 

Criteria: How to Organize the Champions? 

As League of Legends is a Team-based game, I studied every Champion in detail to discern their utility for their team. I took into account the contributions a Champion can give by healing, helping by roaming, having a global presence on the map, giving pressure, having a great Team Fight performance, being good 1v1 battlers, or having a great capacity to assure objectives in the match. 

As there are more than 150 Champs, and there are cases where several Champs can contribute with similar things in the match, I’ll not stop in every single Champ to explain why they are in their respective tier. So instead, I’ll run through the tiers sharing my opinions on the Champs. 

We have a lot to cover, so let’s start! 

Tier List


The Champs that made it into this tier are here because of their great functionality, easy gameplay, and excellent performance, some even giving match-changing results for a team. 

I’ll start with two quite similar True Damage-based Champs, Camille and Sett, two Top Lane beasts that are capable of defeating every single Champ in a 1v1 fight while commanding a team completely only by needing to have a couple of kills in their KDA. No matter the task, they can do it perfectly. 

The same can apply to Irelia, whose mobility can give her a big advantage, Fiora, a Champ with no flaws on her move set, and Illaoi with her capacity of defeating a whole team by herself if properly used. 

We can also see some Supports in this tier, exactly Nautilus, and Leona, probably the best Tank/Utility Champs in the game. They are robust, and the amount of CC they offer is outstanding.

With one of these as your Support, you can ensure constant and easy kills because of their capacity to create plays with their short cooldown seconds on their abilities. In my personal opinion, Leona is easier to use, and her kit is way better than Nautilus’ one, but both of them are the best of the best. 

Now, Ekko, Fizz, and Yone. The three main menaces of the Mid Lane. Ekko and Fizz are great AP users with a lot of mobility and burst damage, ensuring their users a lot of security for doing risky things like diving under turrets or getting into 1v3 fights while not dying, while Yone can help his team a lot with great Team Fight options, and, unlike Yasuo, can give better performances without needing some extra support. 

You can include Diana on that previous Mid Lane list, but I feel like Diana is better in the Jungle, where she has a great cleansing capability, easy ganking, and match-winning damage to offer to her teams. Also, Diana’s mobility is very good and easy to play with. 

Talking about Junglers, Kayn made it to this tier only because of the Red Kayn, who’s the best off-tank playmaker Jungler of the game. His 1v1 capacity is crazy, as well as his ganking methods and quick objective cleanse.  

Swain’s versatility puts him in the S tier as he can be used as a Mid or as a Support and gives his teams a lot of global presence and a decent AP damage and CC. 

Kai’Sa, Ezreal, and Vayne made it onto the S tier as they are the best ADC options because of their damage, mobility, and versatility. They can combine in any team with no problems! I’ll highlight Ezreal, which can be built with AD or AP and still have great performance. This guy can be unstoppable if he knows to have good Mana management.

Lastly, on this tier, Allistar, Morgana, and Pyke.

First, Allistar. He can offer a lot to an ADC that he Supports because of the constant CC and its capacity to absorb damage with no problems. 

Morgana has the best CC combo of the game and can have great damage, which is great to have in an offensive team. The only thing I can’t completely like about Morgana is her poor HP and Armor stats, but that can be compensated perfectly with her constant shielding. 

Pyke is the best offensive Support of the game, above others like Senna, and it’s because of his Ultimate and the Gold share he has. Pyke can be a Support in the Early Game and then change into a secondary Mid Laner or Jungler in the Late Game thanks to his playmaker abilities and damage.

These are my options in the S-Tier; now, let’s continue to the A-Tier, where we will find excellent Champs that can carry matches by themselves but fall apart compared with the Champs we just saw. 


We can see a lot of Champs in this tier; I feel like, commonly, these Champions are excellent and can carry the matches but will need a bit more than getting a couple of kills. 

Top Laners  

  • Mordekaiser, Volibear, Kled, and Shen: These are my personal favorites for the Top Lane in the A-Tier because of their 1v1 capacity and the damage, utilities, and pressure they can give on the match, but they didn’t make it to the S-Tier because the Crowd Control and True Damage and the enemy’s mobility can stop them in their tracks. For example, Irelia can get rid of their utilities with her mobility, and Fiora can sweep them out with her True Damage. 
  • Tahm Kench, Urgot, Darius, Sion, Vex, Jayce, Ornn, Riven, Gwen, and Rumble: These Champs also have some decent 1v1 tools, and some of them, like Ornn, can also give the team a lot of advantages when being in Team Fights, but most of them are hard to master, and new players or people that aren’t used to play Top will not be able to squeeze out the true potential of these Champs. 
  • Kayle, Jax, Garen, Kennen, and Yorick: These are very good Top-Laners with many potentials, but only if they have a good Early Game. It’s easy to fall apart with these, especially with Yorick, but at least they can give some back door pressure by constantly pushing Top instead of joining the Team Fights. 

Mid Laners  

  • Neeko, Zoe, Akali, and Yasuo: These are the best Mid Laners of the A-tier. All of them have a lot of mobility and damage, and they can easily carry a match if they get fed quickly but will need some help if they are against some rough Champions with a lot of CC. 
  • Talon, Ahri, Zed, Sylas, Orianna, Katarina, Annie, Qiyana, Lux, Syndra, LeBlanc, Malzahar, Viktor, and Viego: These can do the same as the previous Champs, but if they face a bad Early Game, they will fall apart in the matches. Lux, Annie, and Viktor have poor mobility and can easily get ganked, while the assassins in this list can be stopped with some focus from the CC threats. 


Now let’s talk about the Junglers of this tier, exactly, Udyr, Vi, Warwick, Graves, Hecarim, Sejuani, Zac, Skarner, Shyvana, Lee Sin, Nunu, and Lillia. They all have a great 1v1 potential and some heavy CC options, but they fall apart if dueling against the Champs in the S-tier. Udyr, Vi, Warwick, and Graves are the best 1v1-fighter Junglers, so you’ll need some tricks to stop them down.

Hecarim and Zac give a lot and have the best ganking tools in this tier, while Skarner, Shyvana, Lee Sin, Nunu, and Lillia are also decent fighters; not bad enough to fall on the B-Tier but not good enough to defeat others like Udyr or Warwick. 

I’ll talk about Gragas separately as he is one of the best AP Junglers in the game; I like his Ganking capacity and damage, but, compared with Diana, his mobility is poor. 

Lastly, we have four assassins, Kha’Zix, Shaco, Evelynn, and Fiddlesticks. My favorites of this group are Fiddlesticks and Shaco because of all the CC and damage they can give to their teams, while Kha’Zix and Evelynn are excellent Junglers, but they need to have a good Early Game to be successful. 


Caitlyn and Samira are in this tier as they are the strongest ADCs and the ones that can get out of sketchy situations by themselves. Caitlyn with astounding damage and Samira with mobility. 

Here can also see Zeri, Tristana, Jinx, Lucian, and Xayah, and it’s because they are pretty similar in concept. They are very strong ADCs but can get stopped easily. 

Lastly, Akshan, Aphelios, and Jhin are other great ADCs; they are a bit hard to main, yet they can do a lot of well played. I’m not too fond of Akshan and Aphelios’ ability kit, but I love Jhin’s one. 


We can also see Thresh, Senna, Rakan, Seraphine, Bard, Renata Glasc, Zyra, Blitzcrank, and Lulu in this tier, and it’s because they are great supports. All of them can provide CC (and Senna can also give great damage, acting as a secondary ADC), but they fall behind the Supports on the S-tier because of their low resistance and their lack of shieldings; it’s way easier to defeat them than a good Leona or Nautilus. 

There are Supports with utilities to the team, and then we have Vel’koz and Brand, which changed their role to Support as people just love to go with a magician in the Bot Lane. They can give the team a lot of damage and have some CC options, but don’t ask them to care for their ADC as their resistance is weak.


The next tier hosts those Champs that can do a lot but only in specific cases. 

Top Laners

  • Nasus, Gangplank, and Cho’Gath: They are excellent Tops but have a problem; they heavily rely on their farm to do well in the match. If they fall behind, It’ll be hard for them to get good in the Late Game. Nasus needs to stack his Q, Gangplank needs the Silver Serpents, and Cho’Gath needs to stack his R to work. 
  • Tryndamere, Renekton, Poppy, Olaf, Gnar, Dr. Mundo, Wukong, and Aatrox: These guys have a problem; they are decent brawlers, but there are a lot of better options in the Top Lane that can defeat them easily. Compared with the Champs that made it into the A-tier, these Champs can be stopped with enough CC and don’t have enough tools to get out of there. The only Champ with the tools to avoid getting caught with CC is Olaf, yet he isn’t the best 1v1 fighter and can’t give much to his team. 
  • Malphite, Maokai, and Teemo: Malphite can only work as a Tank, which means it doesn’t have enough damage to do much in 1v1 fights. If you use a full-AP build on Malphite, he will be very weak even if his damage can burst his enemies because his cooldown times are long and his resistances are low. Maokai and Teemo have pretty much the same problem; They are not good for 1v1 fights (which is very important in the Top Lane), but at least Maokai can give something in the Team Fight Phase with his Ultimate, while Teemo can constantly be setting traps and annoying his enemies. 
  • Singed: This Champ doesn’t give any utilities, is bad at 1v1, and his better utility, which is doing proxy, depends on him not being constantly killed. At least, if his Early Game was good, he will give a lot in the Team Fight Phase with his passive damage. 

Mid Laners

Veigar, El Pequeño Maestro del Mal - League of Legends

  • Veigar, Xerath, Heimerdinger, and Ziggs: These two have a lot of damage, but they are dead as soon as you catch them. If you are smart enough to avoid their attacks, they will not be a problem.  
  • Azir, Twisted Fate, and Anivia: I added these two in the B-tier because they are very hard to master, and there are better options in the Mid Lane than they. Also, you’ll constantly be messing up your teammates with Azir (with his Ult) and Anivia (with her W). Twisted Fate is also very hard because of his complex ability kit and low resistance and armor. 
  • Lissandra, Kassadin, and Ryze: These three are very good in the Late Game, and you’ll have to be aware of having an almost perfect Early Game, with constant farming, to take advantage of their damage and utilities. Also, Ryze is very hard to main as all his abilities are easy-to-fail skill shots. 
  • Vladimir: Vladimir only made it to the B-Tier because he’s like an Aatrox but AP; he’ll not offer much to his team, he’s very susceptible to the CC, and he’s easy to counter with Grievous Wounds. 
  • Taliyah: Taliyah is like all those Mid Laners in the A-tier that depends a lot on their Jg or Top to get advantages, but worse, she doesn’t have mobility. Also, if not used properly, her Ultimate can be a problem for her team. 
  • Cassiopeia: Cassiopeia is only good against Champs with mobility, but she’s easy to counter with full damage threats like Neeko, Veigar, etc. 
  • Galio: Galio is only good against AP, but he’s likely to lose if he is against a heavy-AD threat.


  • Rek’Sai, Rengar, and Nocturne: These three assassins depend on having an excellent Early Game, or else they will not be able to do much in the match. Rek’Sai can give CC, and that’s very good, while Rengar heavily depends on his Ultimate to give something to his team, and Nocturne is more of a mix of the previous two, but he is very weak, and if he gets stopped or countered, he’s dead.
  • Jarvan IV, Trundle, and Xin Zhao: These three fell in the B-Tier as they are decent brawlers, but they simply don’t give much to their teams compared with others. Also, Jarvan IV can mess up his team’s strategies if he doesn’t use his Ult properly.
  • Rammus: Rammus has the same problem as the previous three but as a Tank; there are way better Tanks than Rammus. 
  • Amumu: Amumu is very slow, and he heavily depends on his ability kit to do something in the match, which means that he doesn’t work as a brawler either. The only usage I can see Amumu has is to combine him with a Full-AP team thanks to his passive. 
  • Kindred and Quinn: They are very weak Junglers, which means that if they are not well-positioned, they will die quickly. Also, Kindred’s Ult sometimes can mean more of a problem than a help, and Quinn doesn’t have any utility more than her damage. Lastly, their Early Game is very hard; Kindred depends on getting their marks, and if the enemy Jungler is aware of the marks, then Kindred will not get them, and Quinn doesn’t have enough sustain to farm properly, so she has to be constantly backing to heal. 
  • Master Yi: Master Yi is the terror of the low elos, but really, he isn’t a good Champ. His 1v1 duel is very good, but he will die as soon as he gets stopped by CC. 
  • Nidalee and Elise: These two don’t have good Ganking options, are very weak, and depend a lot to land their abilities to do something against a Champ. 


  • Varus: Varus is like Ezreal as he depends on his ability kit to do the damage, but very worse as he doesn’t have mobility and his abilities don’t do as much as Ezreal’s. 
  • Sivir: This Champ has a lot of disadvantages; her Mana management is complicated, her ability kit is very basic and doesn’t do much, she’s not fast and constantly needs her Ult to move, and she can easily miss her Q, which is her biggest damage source, as it’s hard to land. 
  • Twitch: Another hard-to-play Champ, at least he can burst his enemies if well protected, but it’s easy to stop with a bit of CC and someone that focuses on him constantly. 
  • Draven, Ashe, and Miss Fortune: These three are pretty much the same; they need to be constantly protected even when they have a lot of damage as they lack mobility. 


  • Zilean: Zilean was hard to place in a tier as he gives a lot to his ADC, so I compared him with the Supports that made it to the A-tier, and they give much more than Zilean. 
  • Pantheon: I don’t know when the Pantheon Supp idea was born and it wasn’t bad at all; the problem is that there are way better Champions than can do the same (or way better, like Nautilus or Pyke) as Pantheon Supp.
  • Sona, Nami, and Soraka: Yes, these girls will heal you a lot, but it is very easy to counter them with Grievous Wounds. After that, there’s not much they can offer to the team. 
  • Taric and Karma: More of the same, Taric and Karma’s kits are very simple. Karma gets some extra points as you can play her in the Mid Lane, but still, she has a spot in the B-Tier. 
  • Braum: I struggled to decide where to put Braum, but he finally landed in the B-tier because his utilities to the team are basic, and some Champions can do way more than Braum. This doesn’t mean he’s not a bad Champ; I like his kit, and it’s useful, but Braum needs more than that in these times. 


The nine Champs that are in this tier fell here because they feel outdated. The Champs in this tier can work, not to carry a match or to win a 1v2 battle (there are ones that can’t even win 1v1s), but they can do something in the matches under some very specific situations. 

Karthus has a big problem; people try him in various roles, like the Jungle or as a Mid Laner, but he just doesn’t work. As for the Jungle, he doesn’t have any sort of sustain to keep farming, while he doesn’t have any ganking tool either, which is bad in these times when all the new Champs have a lot of Mobility tools. The only good thing about Karthus is his Ultimate, but you can get rid of it with a Zhonya’s Hourglass or even an ability shield like the Edge of Night’s one. 

Aurelion Sol is hard to play. I feel like his concept fits more on a Champ that is constantly roaming through the map, yet his kit is designed to be a Mid-Laner. The issue is that he lacks damage, mobility, and CC, so it’s sad to see a Champ with this great concept having a bad ability kit. 

As for Kalista, she’s a Champ designed to kite while landing basic attacks, but her mobility is very bad to do that. It’s not enough for Kalista to have a very small jump (which is hard to control) every time she lands a Basic Attack, and for this kiting concept, she has to burst her enemies as fast as possible, so they don’t have a chance to reach her, but that doesn’t happen, so she’ll constantly be dying as soon as she gets hit by a CC ability. So, for Kalista to work, she needs Heavy-CC Support that is constantly caring for her to the point when the Support can’t join Team Fight battles or else she will die. 

Corki is very hard to main. He has a very good Late Game, but it’s very difficult to get there without a bad score as he’s very squishy, and his Lane Phase is very hard as his kit is heavily based on skill shots that are very hard to land. He had decent damage back then, but Riot nerfed him to the point where it is just hard to do something good with him. 

Rell is like a Leona, but very worse. She has some tankyness, but she can’t hold on to a 1v1 against a top-tier Brawler like Leona. She has some good CC utilities, but they are hard to land and don’t do much as Leona’s. 

I loved Kog’Maw when he could bypass the Attack Speed limit to burst the enemies before they got to it, but Riot decided to eliminate that from Kog’Maw, so they completely ruined the Champ. The idea behind the Attack Speed bypassing was to do a “Crystal Cannon” Champ, but they eliminated the “Cannon” part, leaving the “Crystal” one, and making Kog’Maw useless for the ADC role. Kog’Maw urgently needs a rework. 

Conceptually, Ivern is such an interesting Champ. The problem is his ability kit and his constant weaknesses. He needs to have something else to clean his Jungle faster, as is very easy to steal his farm in the Jungle. About his kit, he needs something to gank better than just Daisy, a couple of bushes, and immobilization that’s hard to land because it is really slow.

We all know the problem with Yuumi; she offers constant healing, but the Grievous Wounds counters her. So, you can say that she deserves to be in the B-tier alongside Sona, Soraka, and Nami, but, alongside the healings, Yuumi doesn’t have anything else. Yuumi can’t work as a wall to receive damage or can’t stun the enemies besides using her Ultimate, and as soon as the ADC dies, Yuumi will die too.

Lastly, Janna. Sometimes, Janna will be more of a hindrance than a help. Her Ultimate can completely mess up the team’s strategy and suffers from the same as Yuumi; she offers shields, but as soon as the shields are over, there’s nothing else Janna can do.  


Question: What’s the meta on League of Legends? 

Answer: The “meta” is all the Champion utilities that are giving the best results in the matches and therefore are getting trendy in the game. For example, there was a time when Pantheon Supp was meta, and all the people used him as a Support. The meta is constantly changing as the Champions are usually getting balanced by Riot Games to make the meta change not to make all the matches monotonous and tiresome. 

Question: What makes a Champion good in LoL? 

Answer: A Champ will be good if they can give a lot to their team. It can be a lot of CC or global pressure by being able to roam through the map quickly or having a lot of damage. 

Question: Which is the worst Champion in League of Legends? 

Answer: I can’t say that there’s a bad Champion in the game, besides Yuumi, that just fell apart in concept and execution terms. I’d rather say that there are Champions that work well in certain situations, but those situations, thanks to LoL’s constant changing, are very uncommon nowadays. 

LoL Tier List: Conclusion

I realized something when doing this tier; If you take a look at the B and C-tier, you’ll realize there are no new Champs (besides Yuumi that I feel like she was a mistake from the get-go), this means that the new Champs are getting overcharged kits with a ridiculous amount of utilities like combined CC + Damage, and overexploitation of mobility.

Every time Riot release a new Champ or a rework, all the community has to wait to the next patch to see some nerfs as the new Champ got a lot of unnecessary damage, CC, or mobility. 

I don’t like where this game is going, to the point where there’s no way to counter unoriginal Champs like Camille, Fiora, or Vayne because they have all in their kits and are easy to create skins for them, leaving behind cool Champs with interesting concepts like Ivern, Karthus or all the Void Champs as they are not appealing for the market. Sadly, the “roles” concept died when Riot focused on selling skins rather than making interesting Champs. 

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