Jesus Cruz

Jesús' story on League of Legends started thanks to his friends, who introduced him to the summoner's rift just because it was an excuse to get some bonding besides school hours. When he got on the League of Legends' world, he got fascinated because every match was way different from each other; every match could be resumed in a great story, and imagining great beasts fighting against fierce warriors, or deities battling against wizards or vampires was some imagination fuel for Jesús.

LoL Tier List

LoL Tier List

I’m pretty sure you are constantly seeing the same Champions in your matches; the same Camilles, Rivens, Yasuos, and Swains breaking the Summoner’s Rift constantly, and it’s because they are excellent Champions.  This is because there’s a pack of Champions with a lot of utilities, while others don’t; some can bring a lot to the […]

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Tahm Kench Guide

Tahm Kench Guide

Riot Games’ old Champs are known for a reason; their charisma. You can have a half-turtle half-hedgehog beast that only says “OK” or creatures with wings and big claws from another dimension. While also having small badger-like explorers or scientists with hammers or small turrets.  One of those fabulous creatures is Tahm Kench. A demon

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Tryndamere Guide

Tryndamere is a great example of how great was the old-school LoL, and I have a great example to show you why.  Let’s set the situation: You start playing League and have some matches; you won some of them, and others were a defeat. Then, you start a match and, in the enemy team, you

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Cho’gath Guide

League of Legends has changed a lot since it got released in 2009. Nowadays, we are getting new multicolored-hair champions with not so much to bring to the table or yordles/small creatures that can be appealing for the new people that get into the game, but a long time ago, when the game got released,

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Rakan Guide

We can agree on something about League of Legends; they know how to make champions. They know how to build something wonderful from very common concepts like half-animal half-human beings, and Rakan is great proof of that. And yes, I can agree that concept-wise, Rakan isn’t the most creative LoL champion, but if you put

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Swain LOL Guide

One of the best things about League of Legends is its capability to create a complete story with totally different components. So on one side, we have the cute little Yordles, like Teemo or Tristana, and on the other side, we have fearsome and ruthless tyrants like Swain.  Swain, the Noxus leader, not only as

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