Stefan Stevanovic

Stefan is a major MOBA nerd. He got hooked by competitive nature of Dota 1 some 15, 16 years ago. Since that time, he was jumping from HoN to LoL, and ultimately, Dota 2. Of course, Stefan has tried other titles within the niche and, as of late, is focusing on MOBA shooters (in other words, Valorant). However, he also likes other genres. Stefan is a CIV fanatic, and when he wants to chill and play something casual, he goes with popular ARPG titles. Grinding epic loot is his pet peeve. As for his private life, Stefan loves yoga and swimming. If he isn’t working, you will likely see him in a studio doing Mountain pose. He also plays guitar, likes to learn foreign languages, and read fantasy books.

Rod of Ages Guide

Rod of Ages Guide

Rod of Ages was a legendary item that was removed in version 10.23. However, you can still use it in Wild Rift. Basically, the developers didn’t know what to do with Rod of Ages and how to balance it so that it’s useful for numerous champions. It was utilized on just a few characters as

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Duskblade Guide

Duskblade of Draktharr is an extremely strong mythical item that helps you make chain kills. Although there are more potent offensive items in the game, Duskblade is really good if you have enough damage to nuke targets. As such, it works really well for AD assassins. Its invisibility feature can make you very elusive and

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Relic Shield Guide

Relic Shield is one of the starter items in League of Legends. Like all other objects from the category, it isn’t particularly potent in terms of the stats, but it does have a few nice passive abilities. Relic Shield is especially great on supports as it allows them to gain some extra gold and feel

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Essence Reaver Guide

Essence Reaver is a legendary item ideal for physical damage carries. It also has a mana restore feature that helps your sustain during the game. You will commonly see it on champions such as Riven and Graves, but it works well on numerous other characters who want to quickly overwhelm their opponents. To get the

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Baron Nashor Guide

Baron Nashor is the strongest neutral monster in League of Legends. With its creation, Riot paid homage to Dota’s strongest minion called Roshan (Nashor is a backward anagram of Roshan). The monster is mentioned in a few other alternate universes, including Star Guardian and Arcade. Although considered a neutral entity, Baron Nashor can have a

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