Cho’gath Guide

League of Legends has changed a lot since it got released in 2009. Nowadays, we are getting new multicolored-hair champions with not so much to bring to the table or yordles/small creatures that can be appealing for the new people that get into the game, but a long time ago, when the game got released, […]

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Rakan Guide

We can agree on something about League of Legends; they know how to make champions. They know how to build something wonderful from very common concepts like half-animal half-human beings, and Rakan is great proof of that. And yes, I can agree that concept-wise, Rakan isn’t the most creative LoL champion, but if you put

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Swain LOL Guide

One of the best things about League of Legends is its capability to create a complete story with totally different components. So on one side, we have the cute little Yordles, like Teemo or Tristana, and on the other side, we have fearsome and ruthless tyrants like Swain.  Swain, the Noxus leader, not only as

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Nasus Skins Guide

In League of Legends, skins help portray our favorite champions from different perspectives and realities. Everyone agrees that they are undisputedly important for every champion, from allowing players to experience the thrill of seeing characters in a new light to adding awesome and cool effects. From this Nasus Skins Guide, when it comes to visual

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Baron Nashor Guide

Baron Nashor is the strongest neutral monster in League of Legends. With its creation, Riot paid homage to Dota’s strongest minion called Roshan (Nashor is a backward anagram of Roshan). The monster is mentioned in a few other alternate universes, including Star Guardian and Arcade. Although considered a neutral entity, Baron Nashor can have a

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Kraken Slayer Guide

League of Legends is a game that encourages creativity and teamwork. As such, the game features aspects that reward good decision-making. In Season 11, Riot introduced mythic items to provide players with more flexibility and build choices for champions. The balance team designed these items to influence players’ decisions when getting legendary items on champions.

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