LoL Fanatics Team

We, the LoL Fanatics Team, are a team of certified LOL addicts. We’re on a crusade to empower fellow League of Legends gamers to attain greatness. We have played 10,000+ hours each within this game. We have played countless rank matches, kept up with the meta, and understood tactics and strategies. We tried different characters as our main and used them in a competitive-rank game. We're here to help all levels of League players reach their potential.

Nasus Skins Guide

In League of Legends, skins help portray our favorite champions from different perspectives and realities. Everyone agrees that they are undisputedly important for every champion, from allowing players to experience the thrill of seeing characters in a new light to adding awesome and cool effects. From this Nasus Skins Guide, when it comes to visual

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Kraken Slayer Guide

League of Legends is a game that encourages creativity and teamwork. As such, the game features aspects that reward good decision-making. In Season 11, Riot introduced mythic items to provide players with more flexibility and build choices for champions. The balance team designed these items to influence players’ decisions when getting legendary items on champions.

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