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Valoran Guide

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Valoran is in the northern part of Runeterra, connected to the Shuriman continent through a small land bridge. Two great cities lie here, Piltover, and Zaun, once considered the center of this continent before it shattered into two pieces.

Valoran is home to many different nations, with one of the most prominent being Demacia, Noxus, Freljord, and Ionia. Apart from these, many other smaller nations found their home in Valoran, living independently from the major nations.

Bottom Line Up Front

As a continent, Valoran provides homes and tshelter to various nations. The most successful ones have found perfect ways to utilize this continent, enabling them to build a reputation for the nation. This continent has suffered wars, such as the Noxian invasion of Ionia.

However, the beauty is still present and not diminished, as Valoran has so many natural charms available to both its nations and outsiders that wander here.

Valoran Role

The continent is rich with historical events, and some are perceived as too good to be true. However, locals believe in these stories as they were narrated by people to the next generations, making it hard to forget them. These historical events revolve around the Three Sisters, Iron Revenant, and Rune Wars. 

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters

Long ago, in a primordial world, three sisters were born before advanced civilizations. Their names were Lissandra, Avarosa, and Serylda, and they were all seeking to harness the powers at war. However, they did pay a massive price for compensation, which was losing one of their senses. 

Lissandra was the one that lost her sight to Volibear, also referred to as the primal god. Instead, she chose to walk in dreams, navigating the fitful visions of those around her. While doing so, Lissandra realized that only she could see the darkness below, which was the lingering abyss of the Void. It promised infinity, contained in death both dangerous and full of potential.

The deal was too tempting for Lissandra, as she made a deal on behalf of her sisters without them knowing. The Watchers would grant them near-immortality in exchange for preparing Runeterra for the coming of Void. Their followers were named Iceborn, along with the three sisters themselves.

Lissandra failed to prevent the Void from erupting into the far north of this mortal world, so her hidden allegiance to the Watchers became visible. This was when Avarosa united the Iceborn, rallying them against their masters. Lissandra had to make a considerable sacrifice here, as she had to give up both her sisters and the allies gathered. Nevertheless, they managed to entomb the Watchers beneath a glacial barrier, which could never melt to prevent the world from being consumed.

This elemental power was not enough for Lissandra, as she had to take action regarding the True Ice. She found out that the Watchers could manipulate True Ice, turning it into dark matter. They were also able to visit Lissandra in her dreams, resulting in her waking up terrified and professing loyalty to the chilling eternity.

Lissandra then gained as many resources as she could to seal the Watchers, along with the remaining followers of Iceborn. Although not entirely, she succeeded in this task, along with the first among her Frostguard. She managed to rewrite history and seize all records of what had happened.

The Iron Revenant

Also known as Sahn-Uzal, this brutal warlord was brought back from the dead with a new name, Mordekaiser. He managed to do so while tricking a coven of sorcerers in his service and making them bind his spirit-form in dark metal plates. Now, the second conquest of the mortal realm has begun, with the same big ambitions as before, only now empowered by necromantic sorcery. 

Mordekaiser forged a new weapon known as Nightfall. He used the fearful, dissipating souls of the sorcerers to forge his brutal mace, seizing control of the army they had raised. His foes believed Mordekaiser was only here for massacre and destruction, but more was behind his plan. 

He raised the Immortal Bastion located centrally in his empire, with some getting to know which secrets it truly held. Mordekaiser was always hungry for the forbidden knowledge of spirits and death, with a proper understanding of the realms. Surprisingly, he was defeated by an alliance of Noxii tribes and betrayal in his circle from LeBlanc. 

However, Mordekaiser knew that this would eventually happen, even calling it a pivotal part of his design. After being cast out of the material realm, those who died under his reign waited in the empty wasteland. The strongest became his eternal army, bound to his will, while the weakest were given other purposes. Mordekaiser would forge a new empire known as his Afterworld from the subtle matter of their souls.

The Rune Wars

The Rune Wars

Many centuries after the destruction of the Blessed Isles, magical artifacts called World Runes were rediscovered. The world’s brightest minds studied these glyphs, attempting to understand their powers, with some of them being able to grasp the importance of their origins. Others believed these Runes were responsible for creating Runeterra as a planet. 

The first usage of these Runes turned out to be a catastrophic event, as they reshaped the landscape of entire nations. Later, many conflicts appeared related to these magical artifacts, widely known as “Rune Wars”. Runeterra was caught by open warfare action, with increased aggression and fear among those who now realized the power at their command.

One of the first magicians who understood their power, Ryze, decided to lock away every World Rune beyond man’s reach. He decided to do this with his master, Tyrus, as the best way to protect Runeterra. Unfortunately, this brought conflict among the people of Runeterra, as some people were eager to see the possibilities and influence these Runes could provide.

Tyrus suffered an incident, so Ryze had to continue his quest alone to gather all Runic artifacts, preventing a new Rune War and possibly destroying the world. Many people fled to the petricite forest located west of this continent, where it was rumored that trees could dampen the magic.

Others, like the Noxii tribes, hid inside of Immortal Bastion while the world was on the verge of destruction. Finally, after devastating casualties, the Wars ended.

Demacia Lore

Ruled by Jarvan IV, the sole heir of King Jarvan III, Demacia is currently a kingdom in turmoil. Its capital, the Great city of Demacia, was founded as a refuge from sorcery after terrible events regarding the Rune Wars. The kingdom is protected by two winged sisters, Morgana and Kayle, who sought safety with their father, Kilam, from Mount Targon.

The city is built from petricite, a material widely represented in the lands of Demacia. This material dampens magical energy, much-needed protection after the Rune Wars. Multiple noble houses reside within the city, with the Royal Palace of House Lightshield being the reigning house of Demacia. 

The country of Demacia is divided into Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western parts. The northern part’s most popular location is Rocky Highlands, with Fossbarrow being its most prominent city. The Eastern part contains locations like East Wall, Brashmore Fields, and Greenfang Mountains, where Galio first awakened.

Western Demacia is mostly known by Ehrenmount, a coastal settlement of Demacia along with the Serpentrion river. Southern Demacia is famous for Evenmoor, the mountain settlement in which Jarvan IV led the Demacian forces against Argoth.

Noxus Lore

Noxus Lore

This empire is perceived as an expansionistic, brutal, and threatening one, while it gained a fearsome reputation too. However, if you look inside the life of Noxians, you’ll see high respect for the strengths and talents of its people.

They settled in this ancient city by storm, and they had to fight their enemies by pushing their borders outward aggressively. This made Noxians incredibly proud people who value strength above all, although they can manifest strength differently.

Noxus is probably most famous for invading Ionia, one of the many invasions they proceeded to make. Ionians were perceived as enlightened people, not war-prone. The Noxians took this “weakness” as an opportunity, as they traveled through provinces in Ionia to study their weakest points. 

The warlords of Noxus were changed constantly, but Trifax Revolution is undoubtedly one of the greatest comebacks following Swain’s discharge after the Battle of Placidium. Swain gained followers like Draven and General Du Couteau. After managing to kill Darkwill, the current Emperor of Noxus, Swain reached the capital, putting Darius in a difficult situation.

Darius was the Hand of Noxus, and although many expected him to avenge Darkwill, he had huge respect towards Swain and spoke against his discharge. Darius accepted his place in the newly formed council that embodies one principle of strength, Vision, Might, and Guile. 

Freljord Lore

This land is perceived as a harsh and unforgiving one, with proud independence embodied in the spirits of its inhabitants. These people are born warriors, with a strong raiding culture among many individual tribes. However, the three-way civil war has determined the future of them all. 

Long before the arrival of mortal races, demi-gods that manifested from supernatural forces have formed the land initially called Vorrijaard. Two demi-gods were more popular than others, Ornn and Volibear. Ornn never considered himself a patron of these people, although mortals worshiped him strongly.

On the other hand, Volibear, the demi-god of destruction and strength, took to the field alongside his followers in these great wars. He was proud of them, and he loved to revel in hard-fought victories. Ornn and Volibear, although brothers, drifted apart for their pursuits.

Freljord is the only place you can find True Ice. Lissandra used this material to freeze the Watchers into an eternal chill. Tribes looked for a more peaceful life and future following the civil war. Therefore, they began to offer their alliance to Ashe, the young queen of the Avarosans. 

Freljord is known to have friendly relations with Ionia, as Udyr helped Ionians of Hirana and Shojin during the Noxian Invasion. They have conflicts with Demacia, mostly revolving around northern Demacian landscapes that were part of Freljord in ancient times. Freljords were also fighting off Noxians, led by Sejuani as the new Warmother of Winter’s Claw.

Ionia Lore

Ionia Lore

Ionia’s surrounded by treacherous seas and is composed of many allied provinces scattered across this massive archipelago. Many know it as the First Lands, which is the translation of Ionia in Vastayan nomenclature. Ionians are people who seek balance in all things, always looking for enlightenment and spiritual riches apart from materialistic goods. This, however, was used against them by another realm, as the consequences are felt to this day.

Noxian people perceived this enlightenment and spirituality as a weakness, leading to them invading these holy places. This situation brought out the best warriors and dark art masters from Ionia. Groups like Shojin, Kinkou, Navori, and the Order of Shadow have gathered in producing heroes of their motherland to repel Noxians away. Heroes like Irelia, Kennen, Zed, and Shen were heard widely in Runeterra because of their bravery.

Noxians tried to capture Ionia twice, with both times failing. However, the wars between these two realms lasted too long, and Ionian lands were ravaged in the process.

This has led to a division of Ionian groups. Members of Shojin and Kinkou demanded a return to spiritual nature and pastoral traditions, while the Navori Brotherhood and Order of Shadow demanded militarization and vengeance upon Noxus.

Apart from Noxus, Ionians had terrible relations with Bilgewater, as the pirates pillaged the settlements along the island’s coastlines. Demacians were helpful toward Ionia, but unfortunately, they could not prevent the disasters. Freljord and Ionia do not have a rich history between themselves. 

Most famous champions from Demacia

Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV is the only son of Jarvan III, so it was only natural for him to inhabit the King who passed away. Jarvan IV is perceived as an exceptional warrior, always desiring to prove himself on the field. Apart from that, Jarvan encouragesand inspires his troops whenever Demacia is in a battle, raising his family’s colors high and revealing his true strength as a leader. 

Inside Demacia, Jarvan has an enemy that is determined to overthrow him. That enemy is Sylas, who almost managed to execute Jarvan IV, with the king believing that Sylas killed his father. Jarvan is a close friend of Garen, both getting to know each other in the military service.



Perceived as proud and noble, this soldier is the head of Dauntless Vanguard. Garen is very popular among his fellows, enjoying a high respect rate from his enemies. He joined the military at age 12, and by the time he was 18, he had served with honor in campaigns along the Freljordian borders.

Garen also played a crucial role in purging cultists from the Silent Forest, and at the age of 21, he joined the ranks of Dauntless Vanguard.

Garen has a younger sister, Lux. She is a mage soldier who fought Sylas alongside her brother, able to defeat them after Lux summoned Galio. Garen gained feelings towards Katarina, a Noxian Assassin. They kept their relationship a secret due to the infamous history of both realms.

Xin Zhao

The role of Xin goes back to Noxus, where he was fighting as a gladiator at Kalstead. King Jarvan III rescued him alongside all gladiators that fought in this place. Xin was eternally grateful to the Demacian King, as he pledged his warrior royalty to Demacia. Xin is armed with a three-talon spear, as he is one of the most prominent warriors Demacia has ever had.

Xin took an oath to Tianna Crownguard that she may kill him if anything happened to king Jarvan III. However, the king died of unknown causes, possibly revolving around a Noxian agent poisoning him. After the death of Jarvan III, Xin fought under the leadership of his son, Jarvan IV.

Xin Zhao always thought of Jarvan IV as his nephew, and the newly elected king spoke highly of Xin, perceiving him as his uncle. 

Most Famous Noxian Champions



The Hand of Noxus is by far a character that enjoys high popularity. If you stand in Darius’ way, you shall expect no mercy from his axe. He never doubts his cause and never hesitates when making decisions on the Noxian future. Darius has fought under Darkwill and allied with Swain because he sees a future in him as a Master Tactician.

One of Darius’ biggest enemies is Garen. However, he does not hold any grudge against him. Nevertheless, he perceives Garen as a fool bound by a meaningless code of “honor”. He has two children and a younger brother, Draven, who has a mixed love-hate relationship with him. Darius also had strong feelings for necromancy, saying that it’s just a way of cheating death to justify one’s undeserved continued survival, applying to Sion.



The Master Tactician was cast down and crippled in the Ionian wars, yet he managed to rule Noxus after taking down Darkwill. Jericho Swain comes from a privileged family in Noxus, but after fighting on Ionian land, he got his knee shattered and arm cut off by Irelia.

Being perceived as a disabled person back in Noxus, he was more than motivated to prove himself, a task in which he found great help from Raum, an ancient entity that preyed on the dying and consumed their secrets.

Capturing the Noxian throne took only one night, as Swain was able to keep Darius in the Trifarix, a new establishment. Along with Darius, another member known as The Faceless One was a member of Trifax. Under Swain’s command, the Noxus empire has been brought back to its former glory.



This rebellious Noxian fighter uses his spinning axes to spray blood from his enemies. Seeking infamous glory, Draven used the dramatic surge of Noxian crowds to achieve this accomplishment. He always looks for fights and glory, supporting people who know how to lead. One example of this is the support he gave to Swain when everybody considered him a disgraced figure, for which Swain considers Draven as a friend.

The narcissistic warrior has fought with Yordles, specifically Lulu and Tristana. However, he fled them during his return trip from Basilich to Noxus Prime. The nickname “Blood Brothers” stands for Darius and Draven, and as mentioned above, they keep the love-hate relationship as one always disapproves of how the other goes about his life.

Most Famous Freljord Champions



Lissandra is a living saint whose followers bring healing and wisdom to the tribes of Freljord, at least, this is what many believe. For those who know the story, the truth is sinister and different.

Lissandra uses her elemental magic to twist the power of True Ice into something dark, entombing anyone who would reveal her deepest secrets. As she tried to control the mortal world, Lissandra was blinded by the claws of Volibear.

The Watchers have offered Lissandra a near-immortality state in exchange for preparing Runeterra regarding the Void. Her sisters found out about this deal later, and in the great battle, Lissandra lost them along with their followers. However, she managed to freeze the Watchers with True Ice, with her empowering the defense later thanks to Frostguard.



Ashe commands the most populous horde up North, with her being perceived as an idealistic, stoic, and intelligent creature. Ashe’s hopes revolve around unifying Freljord once more by retaking their ancient lands, but she does not feel comfortable with the leader title. Avarosans, led by Ashe, entered a civil war against Winter’s Claw, led by Sejuani, with Frostguard not directly confronting both sides.

Sejuani and Ashe were friends in their childhoods, but different cultures brought them to being separated. Ashe hates Trundle’s trolls, as they have savaged her tribe. Therefore, she wants to exterminate the race of Trundle. Ashe is married to Tryndamere through Bloodsworn, a political marriage, with both gaining affection for each other later in their marriage.



Sejuani leads one of the most feared tribes of Freljord, Winter’s Claw. They were in a war with Avarosans, led by Ashe, but this tribe has accomplished many raids in Noxus and Demacia. Sejuani rides her boar Bristle, using her True Ice as an element to freeze and shatter her enemies. 

Sejuani is perceived as a strong leader who fears nothing and will stop at no obstacles to secure what’s needed for her tribe. The survival of Winter’s Claw members is her imperative, and Sejuani always lounges towards the protection of her subordinates. Raids have also happened in Avarosans lands, proving that Sejuani does not choose when it comes to survival.

Most Famous Ionian Champions



Irelia rose to fame during the Noxian invasion, with her leading the resistance against Noxian occupiers. She was trained in the ancient dances of her province, adapting to the art for war and using her graceful and carefully practiced movements to levitate deadly blades.

In the Noxian Invasion, Irelia hurt Swain badly, cutting off his arm and shattering his knee. Irelia’s motivations are more than evident since her family was slaughtered during the invasion.

The relationship Irelia nurtures with other members of Ionia varies depending on their beliefs. For example, Irelia does not agree with Karma and Ivern’s pacifistic attitude and is willing to side with extremists like Zed despite not approving of their methods. She believes in protecting the homeland with fight and resistance, as proven in the second Noxian invasion when Irelia turned the war wave with Akali, Kennen, Yasuo, and Karma helping her.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin

Lee is a principled fighter who lost his vision many years ago. He has devoted his life to protecting Ionia from anyone who would dare to upset its sacred balance. Lee Sin keeps relations with the Shojin Order Dragon disciples and has fought members of the Shadow Order.

Lee was once perceived as an impatient student, as his actions led to him being exterminated from the order because he paralyzed his instructor while unleashing the dragon’s rage in a wild kick. He became friends with Udyr, who fought alongside him in the Noxian Invasion. Lee sin invoked the dragon spirit at this point, but a tempest of flames engulfed him, searing his skin and burning the vision from his eyes. 



The leader of the Order of Shadow, Zed, had high hopes of militarizing Ionia. During the war, desperation led him to unlock the secret shadow form, which was dangerous and corrupting. He used this shadow to destroy anything perceived as a threat to his nation or order.

Zed trained alongside Shen in the Kinkou Order, led by Shen’s father, Kusho. Zed and Kusho had high respect for each other, as the current leader chose Zed as his successor. However, when Kusho offered Jhin mercy after his vigilant murders, Zed started to strain from Kinkou Order and started the Order of Shadow. Zed killed Kusho because he released Jhin after the second capture in Zaun, with Shen helping him.


Question: What is Valoran?

Answer: Valoran is a continent on Runeterra that consists of many tribes and independent realms. The continent is connected to Shuriman through a small bridge where Piltover and Zaun lay now, once perceived as the continent’s center. However, an event that shattered the continent into two massive plates has switched the center of Valoran.

Question: Which realms are found in Valoran?

Answer: Demacia, Noxus, Frejlord, and Ionia are the most prominent realms. However, hundreds of smaller states and nations live independently from those mentioned above. These realms have different relations, with some of them being extremely militaristic and expansive orientated, such as Noxus towards Ionia. 
All the realms have different leaders and nature, so the differences are easily captured compared to the similarities. Therefore, it’s easily noted why wars have ravaged Valoran and why its inhabitants were focused on survival first.

Question: What events shaped the history of Valoran?

Answer: The war between Three Sisters, The Iron Revenant, and The Rune Wars have been most impactful in shaping history. The first event occurred between three sisters known as Lissandra, Avarosa, and Serylda, ending with the death of the last two and Lissandra losing her sight.
The second event revolved around a general brought from the dead with a new name, Mordekaiser, forming the Immortal Bastion, which still stands in Noxus. He was defeated afterward by betrayal from his circle. 
The third event happened in the whole of Runeterra, as some magicians found out the potential Runes provide. Some wanted to hide this power, while others wanted to extend its full potential. This ended up in a war, with Ryze locking all Runes away from humans.


Valoran is a continent enriched with culture, variability, and progress. Every realm determines its future and fate, while many decide to settle disputes the harder way. Sometimes, wars bring the best out of people, as it’s shown through Irelia and her followers. We hope you enjoyed reading our in-depth guide about Valoran and learned something new!

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