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Titanic Hydra Guide

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Titanic Hydra is one of the three hydra items in the game, together with Ravenous Hydra and Tiamat. The item has a very simple premise: the more health you have, the stronger you hit. This makes it extremely potent on champions such as Cho’Gath and Sion.

Although the item seems ideal for tanks, it can also work very well for any melee brawler that needs health. Furthermore, the item’s unique called Cleave will allow you to damage enemies in an area, potentially increasing your teamfight presence. The effect is also very good for farming.

In this Titanic Hydra Guide, we will take a look at this legendary magical object and its stats, then analyze the optimal ways of using it.

Key Info Up Front

Titanic Hydra is a potent hybrid item that increases the wearer’s defensive and offensive potential. It is especially efficient on champions with lots of health and bonus health.

Titanic Hydra Basic Info

Titanic Hydra attack

This particular magical object has numerous similarities to Black Cleaver, Ravenous Hydra, and Sterak’s Gage. Although Titanic Hydra provides a massive health boost, it isn’t necessarily regarded as a defensive item. Besides the basic attack damage stat, it also has passives that will increase your overall output.

Titanic Hydra is classified as a legendary item. A player is limited to having just one hydra item in the inventory, so you will have to choose between Titanic Hydra, Ravenous Hydra, or Tiamat (keep in mind that Tiamat is used for making both Titanic Hydra and Ravenous Hydra).

This magical object has a price tag of 3,300 gold, and you get 2,310 gold by selling it. To assemble Titanic Hydra, you need to purchase Giant’s Belt for 900 gold (400 gold for Ruby Crystal and 500 gold for a recipe), Ruby Crystal for 400 gold, and Tiamat for 1,200 gold (875 gold for Pickaxe, and 325 gold for recipe), and Titanic Hydra recipe for 800 gold.

Titanic Hydra Stats and Uniques

The item provides 30 attack damage and 500 health. The health gain is especially noticeable, making Titanic Hydra one of the best pickups if you wish to increase this particular stat. It also has two passive effects called Cleave and Colossus.

Colossus is a straightforward unique passive that gives you extra basic damage equal to 2% of your bonus health. In other words, given that Titanic Hydra has 500 bonus health, you will get extra ten damage from just this one item. Of course, this means you will get an enormous amount of damage from things such as Warmog’s Armor.

The second unique passive is called Cleave, and it does damage in an area. Each basic attack will dish extra four physical damage plus 1.5% maximum health to the target (3 physical damage plus 1.125% maximum he alth for ranged champions) and 40 physical damage plus 3% maximum health to all enemies behind the target (30 physical damage plus 2.25% maximum health for ranged champions).

The Cleave effect works in a cone and resembles that of Dota’s Battle Fury. Always remember that that damage also works on minions and monsters, which makes it a great pickup if you wish to farm faster.

When striking the primary target, you will also apply the basic attack damage, while the AOE attack will only dish 40 plus 3% maximum health damage. Like many other offensive items, Titanic Hydra is much better on melee champions.

Titanic Hydra History of Changes


Titanic Hydra has existed for a while, but it isn’t the oldest item in the game. It was introduced back in patch 5.16, and you required Giant’s Belt, Tiamat, and a recipe to assemble it. Although you didn’t need Ruby Crystal for the formula, it still cost 3,300 gold (like today’s version).

The first iteration of the item provided 50 attack damage, 400 health, and 100% base health regeneration. Back then, it also had Cleave but with slightly altered numbers. The effect did five physical damage plus 1% maximum health physical damage to the primary target and 40 physical damage plus 2.5% maximum health physical damage to units behind the main target.

Instead of Colossus unique, Titanic Hydra featured a different passive called Crescent. This particular unique buffed the Cleave AOE effect once every 20 seconds. Instead of 40 physical damage plus 2.5% maximum health physical damage, it dealt 40 physical damage plus 10% maximum health physical damage for a single strike. This was especially great for quickly eliminating minion waves, but it also provided a nice initial burst in teamfights.

Minor Changes and Updates

In the following patches, Riot was just slightly tweaking the item without any major alterations. In version 5.22, they decided to disable the purchase on ranged characters as it felt really powerful. You also gained the option to swap between Titanic Hydra and Ravenous Hydra.

During the same patch, the item formula was changed, and you now required Jaumir’s Fist, Ruby Crystal, Tiamat, and a recipe for assembly. Instead of 3,300 gold, the price went to 3,600 gold. The health gain was also increased to 450.

In one of the patches after that, the price was slightly reduced to 3,500 gold. In version 6.4, you could no longer swap between Ravenous Hydra and Titanic Hydra. The attack damage stat was reduced than increased, and the price was again altered.

Aside from fixing a few bugs, the Cleave’s maximum health damage component also changed. The developers first increased maximum health bonus damage to the primary target from 1% to 1.5% and AOE damage from 2.5% to 3% of maximum health.

Patch 10.23 Changes


Like all other items, Titanic Hydra went through lots of different changes in patch 10.23.

First off, you could once again purchase the magical object on ranged champions. As for the recipe, Titanic Hydra no longer required Jaurim’s First, but instead, you would need Giant’s Belt to assemble it. The price also went down from 3,500 gold to 3,300 gold.

It no longer provided 100% base health regeneration, and its attack damage was reduced from 40 to 30. However, the health gain was slightly buffed from 450 to 500. Now, you were also limited to having one hydra item in inventory.

Although Cleave remained the same in terms of its effect, the numbers changed a bit. The developers separated damage values for melee and ranged champions, making the passive slightly weaker on this category of characters. Crescent unique passive was also removed, and it gave way for Colossus passive. The first iteration of Colossus would provide extra physical damage equal to 1% max health.

In the next few versions, the developers did a little bit of polishing. They updated the icon and changed Colossus value from 1% maximum health to 2% bonus health, thus stimulating players to purchase more health items. Lastly, Riot removed AOE Cleave damage to turrets.

The Most Common Titanic Hydra Users

league of legends

The fact that this item has just two base stats makes it very versatile. As long as you’re AD champion, you can benefit from it. However, as mentioned before, it works much better on tanks and brawlers.

Overall, Titanic Hydra has a 57.26%-win rate throughout the patches, with a total pick rate of 21.3%. This puts it in the upper echelon in terms of popularity and viability. You can make the item on 31 different champions.

What’s even better, Titanic Hydra is very versatile in terms of build orders. In 46.91% of games, it is purchased as the second item. In such situations, it would provide a 55.91%-win rate. It is even better when bought as a third item (35.26% of cases), giving the wearer a 59.73%-win probability. In 8.85% of cases, it is bought as the first item, and in 5.15% of cases, it is purchased as the fourth.

Titanic Hydra is extremely popular on Urgot. Players will buy the item in 70.54% of all Urgot matches. Warwick is the second, most common user purchasing the item in 50.07% of games. Zeri players buy Titanic Hydra in 45.6% of their games, and it is bought on Sion in 32.78% of all Sion games.

Gnar is the most successful Titanic Hydra user having a 64.2%-win rate when wielding the item. Jax is the second-best option with a 63.33%-win rate, while Titanic Hydra gives Cho’Gath a 62.69% chance of winning his matches.

The Most Popular Builds Featuring Titanic Hydra

titanic hidra

As mentioned, things such as Warmog’s Armor are the best pickups if you wish to unlock Cleave’s full potential. However, this particular item is rarely combined with Titanic Hydra. The reason being is that you don’t increase your offensive capacity with this purchase (aside from buffs to Colossus and Cleave). Furthermore, Warmog’s Armor doesn’t offer any magical or physical protection.

This is why Titanic Hydra users commonly go with either offensive items or items that would increase their armor or magic protection. While stacking health sounds fun in theory, in practice, it doesn’t scale that well. Here are some of the most popular builds featuring Titanic Hydra:

  • Shen (Titanic Hydra, Plated Steelcaps, Sunfire Aegis, Thornmail, Randuin’s Omen, Spirit Visage)
  • Sion (Titanic Hydra, Plated Steelcaps, Sunfire Aegis, Thornmail, Randuin’s Omen, Youmuu’s Ghostblade)
  • Trundle (Titanic Hydra, Plated Steelcaps, Trinity Force, Spirit Visage, Blade of the Ruined King, Dead Man’s Plate)
  • Warwick (Titanic Hydra, Plated Steelcaps, Trinity Force, Spirit Visage, Death’s Dance, Sterak’s Gage)

There isn’t one Titanic Hydra build that fits all champions. This is really cool as it allows you to experiment with various options.

While Titanic Hydra provides a great health boost, it doesn’t necessarily make you resilient. Instead, you need to get armor and magic resistance from other sources. This is where Plated Steelcaps come into play, providing a cheap source of armor.

Sunfire Aegis is another magical object that can fit nicely with Titanic Hydra. It gives you bonus health for Colossus and Cleave uniques while also having 35 armor, 35 magic resistance, and 20 ability haste. Its passive Immolate burns enemies in a radius around a champion, and the burn damage scales with bonus health, making Titanic Hydra a perfect companion.

Thornmail is another nice defensive option. The item has 350 health and 60 armor, making it ideal against physical damage. It also has Thorns passive that afflicts enemies who damage you with grievous wounds.

Interesting Facts About Titanic Hydra

Titanic Hydra

Titanic Hydra’s Cleave is a very intriguing effect. As mentioned, it gives melee champions a better presence within teamfights but is also a nice method of farming. Due to the fact it’s so different, many players are unsure how exactly Cleave interacts with other items and units on the map.

So, here are a few important explanations about Titanic Hydra, as well as other interesting trivia:

  • Like all other procs, Cleave will not activate spell effects.
  • Upon attacking a target, Cleave will simultaneously strike all enemies within the radius. However, the effect isn’t regarded as a projectile but instead as a melee hit.
  • When you have a source of lifesteal or omnisteal, the health restoration effect will only work on the primary target. It won’t trigger due to AOE damage.
  • Cleave on-hit damage will work on turrets and other structures, but the structures will not be affected by the AOE damage. Keep in mind that the effect will take place even if the primary target is protected with a shield or invulnerability.
  • Although Atma’s Impaler is not regarded as Titanic Hydra’s direct predecessor, the two shared some common traits. To be exact, Atma’s Impaler would grant extra attack damage based on your maximum health. In that regard, Warmog’s Armor and similar items were important for both of them.
  • Titanic Hydra is classified as a hydra item due to its ability to strike many opponents at once (as a multi-headed monster).


Question: What is Titanic Hydra good for?

Answer: Titanic Hydra is a hybrid item that increases both your defense and offense. While it gives you a lot of health, it doesn’t make you very tanky as it doesn’t have any armor or magic resistance. The item is ideal for farming, but it also increases your presence in teamfights allowing you to strike several opponents at once with its strong Cleave ability.

Question: Does Titanic Hydra have an active?

Answer: Although Titanic Hydra doesn’t have an active and is generally a very straightforward item, it will give a champion two interesting passives. Colossus unique passive increases your overall attack damage based on bonus health, while Cleave allows you to attack enemies in a cone behind the primary target.

Question: Does lifesteal work on Titanic Hydra?

Answer: Titanic Hydra’s primary target damage benefits from lifesteal. However, the AOE effect cannot steal life.

Question: Do Ravenous Hydra and Titanic Hydra stack?

Answer: You can’t have more than one hydra item in your inventory. In other words, you have to choose between Ravenous Hydra, Titanic Hydra, and Tiamat. Keep in mind that Tiamat is commonly utilized as a component for these two advanced versions.

Last Considerations

Titanic Hydra is a pretty solid item, with a high win rate and a high pick rate. Due to its flexibility, you can build it on numerous AD characters, but it is much more suitable for melee characters. Besides providing an increase to your damage, it will also give the champion a major health boost.

Although somewhat dull, Titanic Hydra has really interesting passives. Both of them scale with health, increasing your direct damage and AOE damage. However, as the item lacks armor, magic resistance, or ability haste, you won’t necessarily focus on other health items. Instead, you would buy an object that will grant magical or physical damage reduction.

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