Unsealed Spellbook Guide

Unsealed Spellbook Guide

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The Inspiration keystone tree has some odd choices. They often specialize in utility, perfect for supporting and controlling champions. Recently, League of Legends has updated runes to be more viable in today’s meta. The Unsealed Spellbook has been discussed as too strong because you can utilize multiple Summoner Spells throughout the game.

If I’m being honest, I was utterly confused the first time I played against Unsealed Spellbook. I could have sworn the opponent took Flash with Ignite, so how can they teleport back to lane? I then realized how powerful the rune is since they lost no farm to the tower and gained lane control.

Today, we’ll analyze what makes this rune so powerful and how to adapt it to your playstyle. This guide covers everything you need to know about Unsealed Spellbook, from the best rune pages to the most compatible champions.

Bottom Line Up Front

Unsealed Spellbook is a keystone that allows you to choose between different summoner spells. The rune lets you adapt your playstyle to best fit your team’s needs. This feature has been recognized as a blessing in disguise on the Rift for many champions.

However, not everyone can make good use of Unsealed Spellbook. Many champions on the Rift have better options when it comes to rune customization. So, how should you know when to choose Unsealed Spellbook? Continue reading, and we’ll discuss the Keystone’s strongest attributes, along with the most compatible champions.

What Is Unsealed Spellbook?


Unsealed Spellbook is the second keystone in the Inspiration tree. It allows your champion to change Summoner Spells during the game, letting you adapt to different circumstances. At 2 minutes, Unsealed Spellbook users will have Summoner Shards added to their inventory. This process occurs every 6 minutes after the initial two. Also, players can only hold a maximum of two shards to keep the rune balanced.

While in the fountain, players can exchange Summoner Shards to replace one of their currently equipped Summoner Spells. Moreover, all Summoner Spells have a 25-second cooldown reduction after using a shard. 

Unsealed Spellbook mechanics:

  • How It Works: You can exchange a Summoner Shard to replace one of your existing Summoner Spells at your base fountain. The cooldown of the new spell will be reduced by 25 seconds.
  • Cooldown: The first swap is available at 2 minutes of in-game time. Afterward, players will receive an additional shard every 6 minutes. 
  • Cycle: After using a swapped Summoner Spell, you must swap three more times before it becomes available again. Also, Smite damage increases after two Summoner Spell Swaps.

When Should I Use Unsealed Spellbook?

Unsealed Spellbook is a situational rune that most champions can’t utilize. You’ll often find champions are better off using another keystone to complement their kit. However, if you want to experiment with different playstyles, Unsealed Spellbook is the perfect option. It allows you to test different Summoner Spell combinations, adding more strategy to the game.

Moreover, the Inspiration skill tree has some unique runes that let you go into debt, provide free items, and sustain. Below you can analyze what champion types and playstyles synergize best with the keystone.

  • Supports: Using Unsealed Spellbook on supports is an excellent idea because you’ll want to switch between Exhaust and Ignite. If the enemy is doing poorly, you can equip Ignite to deal more damage. However, if they are fed, it’s ideal to exhaust them to reduce their damage output.
  • Speed Champions: Characters like Singed and Hecarim work well with Unsealed Spellbook because they can switch between Ghost and Flash. Ghost is perhaps the essential Summoner Spell these champions use for speed since it gives them an extra boost to catch enemies. Moreover, you can exchange your Summoners to teleport and combine it with Ghost to help teammates while mowing down opponents.
  • Mana-Heavy Mages: Early game is the most complex stage for any mana-heavy champion because they need to limit how many spells they cast. This situation can put you at a significant disadvantage because going OOM (Out Of Mana) while a wave is pushing in can be devastating. However, by using Unsealed Spellbook, you can switch your Summoners to Clarity with teleport, allowing you to get back to lane faster and replenish your mana when needed.
  • Solo-Laners: Champions like Sion and Zed can utilize this keystone well. In the early game, they will have the ability to switch over from teleport to ignite if they want to secure an early kill. Also, Sion can switch to Ghost and use his ultimate to arrive faster in lane, preventing him from missing minions. On the other hand, Zed can use Ghost combined with Youmuu’s Ghostblade to roam faster. 

Runes That Synergize with Unsealed Spellbook

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Unsealed Spellbook is an unusual rune that many may find difficult to build around. Often, you’ll want to grab runes that focus on your champion’s strength and mobility to complement the keystone. Let’s analyze specific runes that synergize well with Unsealed Spellbook.


  • Hextech Flashtraption: This ability works on the same principle as normal Flash. The difference is that it takes a short amount of time to cast, unlike Flash. It allows you to use this spell more frequently and make effective plays.
  • Cosmic Insight: Grants you an extra 18 ability and 10 item haste. Combined with the ability haste Unsealed Spellbook provides, Cosmic Insight is a must on your rune page!


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  • Coup De Grace: Your champion deals increased damage to champions below 40% health. If you play the jungle role, this rune is perfect for ganking. Hecarim utilizes this rune more than other champions. After ghosting to the enemy lane, you should be able to complete your gank with a kill or assist.
  • Overheal: This ability converts your healing into a slowly decaying shield. The shield could go up to 10% of your maximum health bar. Using the Heal summoner spell will make you receive extraordinary healing and shielding.


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  • Sudden Impact: Dealing damage to an enemy champion while using a dash-ability or Flash grants 7 lethality. Along with the Lethality, your champion will be granted magic penetration too. This rune is perfect for Unsealed Spellbook due to the frequent usage of Hexflash Flashtraption. 
  • Ingenious Hunter: Whenever you score an enemy takedown, your champion will gather a stack of Bounty Hunter. The stacks grant you Item Haste, +6 per stack added to the 20 Item Haste this Rune provides. The maximum Item Haste you can reach is 50.


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  • Nimbus Cloak: Casting a Summoner Spell grants you ghosting and 5-25% bonus movement speed based on your level. Champions like Hecarim and Singed can make good usage of this Rune by using Ghost.
  • Celerity: All movement speed bonuses are increased in their effectiveness by 7%. In addition, you receive a 1% bonus movement speed. The champions mentioned above and some supports who need movement speed for bonus agility will make the best utilization of this rune.
  • Scorch: Applying magic damage to an enemy champion sets them on fire, dealing 15-35 magic damage after 1 second. Combine it with Ignite, and you can burn the enemy’s health bar to smithereens.
  • Water Walking: You gain 25 bonus movement speed or 5-30 bonus ability power in the river. Hecarim, as a jungler, makes excellent utilization of the bonus movement speed in the river. However, mage champions can use the extra ability power of this rune if there is a team fight happening in the river. 


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  • Shield Bash: You receive a bonus of 1-10 armor and 1-10 magic resistance while being shielded. The rune provides adaptive damage, bonus health, and shielding that scales with your level. Tank supports make good utilization of Shield Bash, especially if they are shielded from their allies and not their abilities.
  • Revitalize: Grants 5% heal and shield power. With the ability to switch your summoner spell to Heal, this bonus health restoration will be essential to your teammates. If your ally is below 40% maximum health, the healing and shielding bonus increases by 10%.

Best Rune Pages for Unsealed Spellbook

As you already know, you cannot choose an infinite number of Rune pages as there is only one available per game. Multiple roles utilize this Keystone, making your choice more difficult. Here is our choice regarding the best Rune Pages for Unsealed Spellbook.

  • Inspiration 
  • Unsealed Spellbook
  • Hextech Flashtraption: Starts a channel that can last up to 2.5 seconds, resulting in increased range ability. You can activate it any time after 1 second, but the range will be shorter. The cooldown is 20 seconds. However, if you get interrupted in the channeling process, the cooldown is 10 seconds.
  • Future’s Market: Enter a debt of up to 145 gold to buy items. The fee of 50 gold will also apply after you leave the shop.
  • Cosmic Insight: We discussed the goods Cosmic Insight brings to your champion. The item and spell haste are much appreciated in your lane, especially if you are a support player who guards your teammates!

Second Tree: Domination

  • Zombie Ward: Spawns a zombie ward each time you destroy an enemy ward, granting you adaptive force. As support, one of your main roles is keeping vision in lane, so this rune is perfect for the cause!
  • Ingenious Hunter: There are some perks of having Ingenious Hunter as the rune choice. As a support, you may not take many kills. However, every time you kill an enemy, the ability haste will provide a much-needed boost to your champion.

Second Tree: Precision

  • Triumph: Takedowns restore 15% of your missing health and grant an additional 20 gold after a 1-second delay. This feature will be utilized mainly by champions who depend on kills to have an efficient game. Solo laners and junglers are the main categories that fulfill this criteria.
  • Coup de Grace: Deal more damage to low health champions. It’s a rune that can provide the final amount of damage to finish off opponents.

Unsealed Spellbook is a Keystone that various champions can use in different roles. The second rune tree choices we suggested are for different positions. The first one, Domination, is for supports, and the second one is for assassins, mid-laners, and junglers. You need to think twice before choosing the right rune page for your champion because they impact the game significantly.

Best champions for Unsealed Spellbook


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Hecarim is a champion that relies on his agility and movement speed to make plays. As we know, Ghost is a summoner spell that is primarily a first-pick choice for this champion. However, you could pick Flash/Smite and later change one of them with Ghost, depending on the situation you find yourself in. You can pick Perfect timing along with Magical Footwear and Approach velocity in the first tree of runes.

Perfect Timing rune grants you a Perfectly Timed Stopwatch, which is useful if you get caught in tricky situations. It will put you in stasis for 2.5 seconds, and your team will be able to help you out. Magical Footwear grants ten bonus movement speed, mimicking the role of ordinary Boots. They are granted after 12 minutes of gameplay, reducing the cooldown by 45 seconds whenever you score a takedown on an enemy champion. 

Approach velocity grants a 7.5% bonus total movement speed towards visible enemies that are CC’d within 1000 range. This bonus can go up to 15% if you are the one that immobilized them while they were visible. With Devastating Charge, Hecarim can rush towards the enemies thanks to Approach Velocity in no time.

The most significant advantage Hecarim gains from Unsealed Spellbook is the cooldown reduction for Ghost. Ghost is available every 135 seconds, compared to the 210 seconds without Spellbook. Later in the game, there will be situations where Hecarim will not need Smite.

Therefore, Spellbook can allow you to utilize the changed circumstances and use another summoner spell. Also, if Hecarim builds Ionian Boots and Cosmic Insight instead of Approach Velocity, the cooldown of Ghost will be 108 seconds.


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Ryze heavily depends on Phase Rush, so this build might be a little experimental for your taste. However, he can be a gem in the mid-lane if you go with this build. Ryze can prioritize this build against champions who try to harass him more than those who focus on farming.

Ryze is weak early game so focusing on runes that help sustain during the laning phase is best. For example, the mana regeneration of Manaflow band helps Ryze continue farming after a skirmish with the opposing player.

The Spellbook build for Ryze goes with Stopwatch, Biscuit Delivery, and Time Warp Tonic for the first tree. For the second tree, Manaflow Band and Gathering Storm are the perfect choices for Ryze. The Stopwatch enables Ryze to defend himself if he gets caught by the enemy, especially when he does not possess high-kill possibilities like with Phase Rush.

Biscuit Delivery enables Ryze to heal more often, minimizing the harassment potential of enemy champions. Time Warp Tonic grants bonus Movement Speed on consuming potions, so Ryze becomes more agile in the lane.

Ryze has an ultimate that allows him to teleport to 3000 units distance. This ability is not as efficient as the Teleport spell, but it allows Ryze to close the distance from fleeing enemies. Ryze can start with Ignite to impair the harassment from mid laners, and with little help from the Jungler, he can secure a kill. If the enemy bot or top are pushing their lanes too much, Ryze can switch to teleport and visit the lane immediately, granting his allies a much-needed advantage. 

The itemization for Ryze should be focused on the tankier side. Since you gave up Phase Rush, the escape abilities are limited to your Ultimate and Flash. Items like Zhonya’s Hourglass, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, and Morellonomicon suit Ryze well. This build is considered the bruiser-build Ryze, optimal for his sustainment.


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This champion is a force to be reckoned with Unsealed Spellbook, especially in the early game. If you start Ghost and Ignite level 1, chances of you securing First Blood are high. This situation will give you a much-needed advantage, and you can soon switch over to Flash or Teleport.

If Singed is playing against a burst damage-dealer on the top lane, he could switch to Exhaust to mitigate their damage. There is also a chance to pick Waterwalk on Singed, allowing you to run around poisoning your enemies in river-located team fights. 

Grasp of the Undying is an underappreciated rune choice for the second tree. When Singed enters combat, he will generate stacks for the next 3 seconds. After reaching four stacks, the next basic attack will consume all of the gained stacks. Then, Singed deals damage based on his maximum health percentage. Singed will also heal for 3% of his maximum health and permanently grant bonus health.

However, Nimbus Cloak and Celerity are the most picked runes for the second tree. Nimbus Cloak grants ghosting and 5-25% bonus movement speed whenever Singed casts a summoner spell.

Celerity increases the movement speed bonuses by 7%, thus enabling Singed to be almost untouchable. Singed depends heavily on high movement speed to spread his poison to all enemies behind him. So, these rune choices and the possibility of switching to Ghost/Ignite make Singed a force to be reckoned with!


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Considered an experimental build, Unsealed Spellbook is not the prime choice for Zed. However, there are a few situations in which Zed can consider switching Electrocute with Unsealed Spellbook. The main highlights for Unsealed Spellbook Zed are the lowering of cooldowns on the items he uses and the option to change abilities to split push.

However, Zed will rely heavily on hitting all of the abilities to mitigate the damage Electrocute would have provided. This difference is the prime reason why the Unsealed Spellbook build is only recommended for players who main Zed.

If Zed plays on the top lane, he will have less pressure than in mid lane. The top lane allows him more comfort when choosing Unsealed Spellbook, but he will have to be more careful in the early game. This warning is because Zed applies early game pressure with Electrocute.

Losing this keystone means that Zed will have to play more defensively. The bruiser build will help him synergize more with Unsealed Spellbook since he can stay alive longer and skirmish with tankier opponents.


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Bard is a roaming support thanks to his passive that spawns Meeps around the map. He can quickly walk to the mid lane or help the jungler in a skirmish with increased movement speed from runes. Also, he can be more impactful by using various summoner spells like exhaust, ignite, flash, or ghost.

Another benefit of Unsealed Spellbook Bard is the cooldown reduction he gains for items and summoner spells. This feature helps him maximize the success of roams and 2v2 fights on the bot lane.

Bard can choose Barrier if he wants to peel early for his ADC until he purchases Locket of the Iron Solari. Cleanse can be chosen if Bard is facing a heavy CC matchup. Mikael’s Blessing will replace Cleanse in the later stages, but Bard can utilize Cleanse perfectly in the early game.

Moreover, Ignite is probably the most frequent summoner spell that Bard uses. Whether it’s for securing the kill or diminishing the healing ability of his enemy, Ignite is a powerful choice for Bard.

All the other spells are used without any item replacement. Therefore, Unsealed Spellbook allows Bard to change from Cleanse to Exhaust, Heal or Ignite. This feature applies to many supports that provide roaming and high-level protection of their ADCs. 

How do Items with Active Features Synergize with Unsealed Spellbook?

Although this Keystone provides lowered cooldown on summoner spells, there is one attribute many players are missing. The other runes that synergize with Unsealed Spellbook also provide lowered cooldowns on items with active abilities.

This allows you to outperform the opponent by receiving item buffs much quicker. For example, if you play support and build Redemption, you’ll be able to use that ability more frequently. As a result, team fights will be easier to win by supplying your teammates with various buffs.

If you play any other role that utilizes Unsealed Spellbook, there are tons of items you can use more frequently, like Youmuu’s Ghostblade, Luden’s Echo, Hextech Rocketbelt, and more.


Question: What is Unsealed Spellbook?

Answer: Unsealed Spellbook is a Keystone that allows you to change your champion’s summoner spells during the game. After the first two minutes of the game, your champion will have Summoner Shards in its inventory. The summoner can use these Shards to switch one summoner spell for another. Also, the Keystone has a cooldown of 6 minutes. 

Question: What is Hextech Flashtraption?

Answer: Hextech Flashtraption is the most utilized rune of this Keystone. It allows your champion to have a flash-like ability every 20 seconds. However, the summoner spell takes a charging period to blink, and the casting can be interrupted by an enemy champion. Also, the range of Hextech Flashtraption is determined by how long you cast the ability.
Hextech Flashtraption is mainly utilized by supports who choose Unsealed Spellbook as their Keystone. Other champions like Hecarim or Singed may choose a different path, such as Magical Footwear. This is because they are high movement speed champions that do not rely primarily on Flash to escape unpleasant situations.

Question: How do I make the best utilization out of Unsealed Spellbook?

Answer: Although the ability to change summoner spells during the game seems tempting, you should not rush this choice. Many champions utilize other Keystones and Runes better, so you need to research if your champion suits the Keystone first. After, you must learn how to synergize Unsealed Spellbook with your champion.
Moreover, sometimes you have to organize your summoners before making a play. For example, switching out Ignite for Exhaust when ganking an opponent that is fed. Furthermore, you should communicate with your teammates on what objectives will be focused on, letting you adjust your summoners accordingly.

Also, you need to know which summoner spells to start first. If the enemy support is Thresh or Blitzcrank, they can apply heavy CC on you. Cleanse might be the best early choice if you plan on safely farming with your ADC.

In the mid/late game, Cleanse might not be as effective as Exhaust/Ignite, so you should opt for one of these two spells. 
Take full advantage of the rune and adapt to the game’s circumstances. If your team is fed, then Ignite is perfect for getting kills. However, if the opponent is shredding your team, then use exhaust. Every game is different, so adjusting accordingly can be the difference between losing or winning.

Unsealed Spellbook Guide: Summary

Unsealed Spellbook is a revolution regarding the usage of Summoner Spells. The ability to switch over to different Summoner Spell enabled more creativity and innovation in gameplay. However, it’s not a universal Keystone, and every summoner or champion should not use it. There are strict notes regarding the advantage Unsealed Spellbook provides to your champion, which we successfully provided in this guide.

This keystone is perfect if you want to apply more pressure as support or roam more frequently to give your allies an advantage. If there’s anything else you’d like to learn, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below.

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