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Given the League of Legends’ popularity, it isn’t surprising that this game has numerous collectibles. From statues to masks, mousepads, t-shirts, backpacks, and other objects, there are so many cool things that you can buy online. Some of these are part of a set, while others are made as stand-alone items.

No matter the case, if you’re a League of Legends aficionado, you should definitely get some of these. In this guide, I will go through the best League of Legends collectibles and what makes them awesome.

Key Info Up Front

League of Legends collectibles are a great way to enhance your overall gaming experience. They are such a nice thing to have on your table while grinding your favorite MOBA.

Selection Criteria

I took into consideration several things when making the list:

  • I tried to present the best items from each separate group.
  • The uniqueness of a product, whether as a League of Legends product or a product within a wider category.
  • Whether a product would make a good gift.
  • Whether you would actually use it compared to a similar non-League of Legends product.

The first thing is quite self-explanatory. I tried to provide a list of the few best items from each category. That way, if you’re looking for a piece of jewelry, you will instantly know that these are some of your best choices. Also, I placed a focus on items that are, for this or that reason, unique. Whether it’s product design, materials utilized, or something else, these objects would provide something different.

Some of these products are specifically meant to be gifts. For example, I mentioned a few pieces of jewelry that are great for couples, or a beer mug that would be a great gift for your boyfriend. Nobody wants a lousy gift, so I made sure to create a list of items that people would actually like to get for their birthdays.

Lastly, would you rather use one of these products or an alternative? In other words, even if you are a non-League of Legends fan, you need to feel good using the product. While all of them are somewhat related to the game, most of them are so universal that anyone can use them.

League of Legends plush dolls

Tibbers plush doll

If you need a plush doll, it doesn’t get much better than Tibbers. In a way, this is the most authentic LoL plushy, given that the bear is also a plush doll in the game. The item is especially great for Annie players, but most gamers would love having it in their collection regardless.

The product is exactly the same as the in-game pet. It has brown fur with several stitches on the body, a stitch over his right eye, and a red button instead as the left eye. Tibbers has very sharp paws indicating that this small bear means business. The item is 16 inches tall, and you can buy it in the official Riot store.

Poro plush doll

Poros is the game’s biggest mascot. These items were initially sold via the Riot store, but nowadays, a lot of creators have started a trend of making their own Poro toys and offering them to the public. Today, you can find them on third-party sites such as Amazon and Etsy.

Like most of the other products in the category, Poro plushies are made from yarn and cotton. If necessary, you can even wash them, but be very careful as they can easily be damaged. Like in the game, these pets have small white round bodies, brown horns and claws, and adorable pink tongues protruding from their mouth. As if they’re just waiting for the right moment to jump on you and give you kisses.

Yuumi plush doll

If you browse Riot store, Amazon, Etsy, or Aliexpress, you can find numerous champion plushies. While it is really hard to determine which one is the best, I would personally give an advantage to Yuumi. The character is simply adorable in its original form, so by turning her into a plush doll, you get a cuteness overload.

Yuumi has a white face and paws, while the rest of her body is purple. The end of her tail is golden, the same as her whiskers and brows. As for the measurements, this doll is 5 inches high and almost 3 inches wide. Yuumi plushy is made from polyester fiber and could become a great addition to your cupboard, gaming desk, or even your bed.

Corki Corgi plush doll

The last product I would like to mention is Corki Corgi. This is probably the silliest plush item on the market, and it is one of those collectibles that you don’t want to miss.

Instead of his usual aircraft, the champion rides an oversized Corgi. The dog’s body is round and fluffy but stable enough to stand on your desk. What’s even better, there are so many cool details on this doll. For example, Corgi has pink cushions on his paws and a bandage over his tushy. The pet has large dark eyes, a large tongue, and an always adorable face.

Like every serious pilot, Corki has the full command over Corgi. He wears yellow wing glasses, has a furry pilot hat ideal for any weather, a brown flyer jacket, and a turquoise scarf. The champion has a large white mustache, which is probably the first thing you’ll notice when you look at the item.

Renekton plush doll

Renekton is another champion tailor-made for plush dolls. I simply love when designers take a menacing character and turn it into a fluffy delight.

The doll is about 8 inches wide, 10 inches high, and 11.5 inches deep. His skin is, for the most part, green and dark green. The crocodile’s underbelly is white, and so are his paws. Renekton wears a purple belt and yellowish skirt that protect his decency.

Although the champion’s eyes look evil in the game, they are simply adorable on the plush doll. They are orange with yellow pupils giving the champion a lot of character. You can put this collectible just about anywhere, and if necessary, you can put it in a washing machine.

League of Legends figures

Gnar figure

This fine gentleman is the representation of what you can do with a little imagination. Gnar figure is one of the most popular collectible items on the market, and for a good reason. It is relatively short, at 4.5 inches, so you can stash it just about anywhere. At the same time, it is big enough to cause jealousy whenever a League of Legends buddy visits your home.

Gnar sits comfortably in a classy brown chair. He wears a luxurious monocle, as any gentleman should, and a black top hat with pink detail. Gnar is completely white, with large blue eyes, and his tail is positioned in front of his body.

The champion has a nice dark blue suit with stripes. He also has matching shoes, a white bow tie, and a pink scarf. You can also notice a fashionable purple vest and a white shirt with a purple button. Gnar holds a warm cup of coffee in his right hand.

Mordekeiser figure

Being such a gloomy character, it makes sense that Mordekeiser’s figure would look really malicious. However, the designers managed to downplay his evil, brooding demeanor, which is why he looks a tad bit more jovial compared to the game character (probably due to his large chibi eyes).

The character has metallic gray armor that covers the majority of his body. A disproportionally large helmet guards his head while numerous spikes shield him from side attack. Mordekaiser has an enormous mace in his right hand, instilling fear in anyone who might look his way. Lastly, it is also worth mentioning a large red cape adorning his shoulders and back.

The figure is placed on a dark, windy surface. You can even notice metallic pieces floating around it. Anyway, this is an insane purchase for all those who like this badass death knight.

Ornn figure

Another figure that I really like is that of Ornn. As you would expect, the champion is bent over his trusty anvil doing what he does best: forging masterful pieces for his allies. The figure depicts Ornn as he crafts a new sword, pummeling it with a hammer held above his head.

One of the things you’ll notice straight away is the base. The figure is placed on a molten surface, which makes it look as if all the fire from Ornn’s forge is trickling down to the ground. He has a large craftsman belt around his body with a few tools attached to it.

Although Ornn is an intimidating character, I cannot emphasize enough how cute he looks. His face is covered in red hair with a few metallic bands keeping it in place. The champion has massive black and orange horns curling towards his back. Overall, it is a great piece to have on your desk.

PROJECT: Yi figure

I am a big fan of the PROJECT theme. Most PROJECT skins represent the best cosmetics for a particular champion. They are slick, futuristic, with great weapons and effects. So, it isn’t surprising that I would also like one of the PROJECT figures.

In this case, I’d like to talk about PROJECT: Yi. This futuristic warrior looks beaten and dented, with each part of his metallic armor suffering heavy hits and slashes. All these imperfections give the figure authenticity, especially when you compare it to similar products that tend to be very polished. Regardless, the figure is still jovial due to markings on the visor.

Master Yi has a metallic weapon with a yellow edge. The majority of his body is silver, aside from a small part of his torso, which is orange. Like all these figures, his head is extra-large, so you can see all the minor details on the visor. Obviously, Yi is also satisfied with his armor which you can tell by the wide grin.

Kayn figure

Perhaps the figure with the most details, Kayn, is an amazing purchase for both League of Legends collectors and other gamers. It is a part of a 4-piece set almost 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide.

Kayn has a massive purple scythe with a worn-out blade and gray bandages around the shaft. The weapon also has a spherical detail close to the blade, which looks like an eye of an angry demon. The champion has scruffy black hair with a few blue strands and a long braid flowing down his back. He wears an augmentation on his left eye and has a sturdy metal bracer on his left hand, helping him wield the weapon.

The upper part of Kayn’s body is naked, and he wears pants and a large gray belt. Another thing that I really like is his metallic dark blue boots. The figurine is placed on a black rocky pedestal, surrounded by purple mist. Despite the fact this collectible is meant to look jovial, I cannot deny the fact that Kayn is such a badass.

League of Legends apparel

 Spirit Blossom Teemo longsleeve tee

If you check the Riot store or some of the biggest distributors, you can find various incredible LoL clothing pieces. Among all these options, it is hard to choose one. However, if I were to put on at the top of my purchasing list, that would be Spirit Blossom Teemo Longsleeve Tee.

This top is 100% made of cotton, making it ideal for any weather. It features one of the game’s sneakiest characters: Teemo. The rascal wears a traditional Japanese outfit with a wide straw hat, rope belt, and wide leggings. He holds a large flute, and it seems as if the champion is without a worry in the world.

Besides the awesome design, I have to commend the color pattern. The company didn’t even try to overdo it. Instead, they opted for simple creamy gray, white, and black. The color scheme isn’t monotonous. In fact, it feels much better than if they were to use strong, jovial colors (something that would make more sense for Teemo).

Minion “Join Red” tee

When purchasing League of Legends collectibles, most people are interested in products featuring popular champions. However, we cannot deny the fact that minions can also be cute.

This particular t-shirt reminds me of all the socialism-inspired apparel that has become popular in the last 10 years or so. It even carries a similar message! The t-shirt says “March to Victory – Join Red Today,” depicting a bunch of minions decisively heading towards an enemy.

What’s even better about this t-shirt is that most people won’t be able to tell that it’s inspired by League of Legends (unless they’ve played the game). It feels somewhat universal, and yet, a person who has played the game will instantly recognize minions. In that regard, it is suitable for just about anyone who wants to wear something a little bit different.

Tibbers plush hat

At the risk of becoming repetitive, I have to mention another item featuring our favorite League of Legends bear, Tibbers. In my onion, this is one of the five amazing winter hats that the company has published. The other ones are Beemo Plush Hat, Poro Plush Hat, Teemo Hat, and Red Minion Hat.

Keep in mind that these hats are a bit girly, but I get why the guys would like to wear some of them. They are a perfect item for just about any comic con or similar event.

Back to Tibbers plush hat. This product literally looks like the bear’s head. It has a large black piece just above the line that represents the nose and two eyes above it. At the top of the brown hat, there are two large bear ears, which are a perfect addition to this goofy item.

K/DA ALL OUT premium leggings

K/DA ALL Out is another awesome skin collection that pays homage to K-Pop. The set features Evelynn, Ahri, Akali, and Kai’Sa. So, if you like to shake your booty to awesome pop music, you should definitely consider getting these sweatpants.

The leggings are made from 18% lycra and 82% spandex, making them quite resilient yet elastic. They are perfect for your early morning jogging routine but also for other physical activities. Among other, they are great for dancers.

In terms of their design, they are rather simplistic. These are long black pants with white stripes on the sides and a waistband that pays homage to all members of the K/DA group. Despite not being the most alluring apparel piece from this group, I had to put them on the list as I really like this skin theme.

Spirit Blossom Thresh premium GI bomber

When it comes to winter clothing, my personal favorite is Thresh’s Spirit Blossom bomber jacket. The item is made from 30% nylon and 70% polyester, with the interior made exclusively from satin. This makes it really gentle for your skin and yet, durable on the outside.

The bomber has several cool details. It is dark blue on the outside with a military green lapel that looks like something taken from traditional Japanese kimonos. You can even notice Japanese letters on it, which is a perfect addition to the Spirit Blossom theme. If you check the collar, there is also an embroidered LoL logo on the back.

But the real reason why you should purchase this product is the Thresh mask printed on its back. Although the rest of the jacket looks like just about any other generic product, the print is what makes it so unique. It utilizes various colors, including pink, purple, blue, and brown, and goes really well with white Japanese letters beneath it.

League of Legends jewelry

Kindred necklace

There are several different handmade Kindred necklaces sold on Etsy right now. Most of them are pretty similar: a face split in two with a left black side and a white right side. There are also a few necklaces where the mask is unified, and you can’t see the cracks in it.

The reason why these Kindred necklaces are so great is because of their uniqueness. Jewelry pieces often tend to be symmetrical, which, although it makes sense, can be boring. This particular product fixes that issue by providing two different parts that are loosely connected.

Furthermore, unless you’ve decided to buy a one-colored piece (i.e., a fully metallic necklace), you can enjoy all these color combinations. This specific LoL jewelry combines a few awesome shades, including black, deep purple, creamy white, and light blue/white color. All in all, it is great for both teenagers but also young adults.

Ashe and Tryndamere Bracelets

If you’re looking for a gift for a beloved person, it doesn’t get much better than Ashe and Tryndamere bracelets. This is a perfect present for different-sex couples. The girl can wear the Ashe bracelet characterized by the arrow symbol, while the guy will have the brutish Tryndamere piece.

The female bracelet has a dark blue band with a gold-colored stainless steel front. On the other hand, the Tryndamere bracelet uses a brown band with a silver front. Both of them are made from faux leather. The way to tell which one is which is by the symbol on metal: the brown bracelet has a barbarian helmet with a sword pattern around it, while the blue band has an arrow in the center surrounded by feather shapes.

Another thing I really like about this piece of jewelry is the box. Yes, I understand that this is the least important bit, but I can’t get over the fact of how cool it looks. Bracelets are placed in two black boxes, which are inside of a larger blue box. When you open the larger box, you can see a picture of Ashe overlooking snowy, woodland terrain.

Azir, The Emperor of the Sands, Weapon Keychain

You can find so many awesome League of Legends keychains on Amazon and Etsy. In most cases, these pieces showcase various champions’ weapons, including Aatrow’s sword, Caitlyn’s rifle, Hecarim’s spear, and so on. Among all these pieces, it is hard to find the best one. My personal preference is Azir’s spear. It is a rather short product, only 16 centimeters in length. It is basically the same length as your palm.

Azir’s spear comes in three colors: dark gray with turquoise crystals, gold/black with light blue crystals, and glittering gold with turquoise crystals. When you buy one of these, you will never lose your keys again.

K/DA Akali necklace

Akali’s kama is one of the more unique, more memorable weapons in the game. It turns out that this piece is also great for jewelry.

K/DA Akali kama is meant to replicate the weapon from the K/DA set. The necklace is very durable, made from brass, with plated 14 karat gold making it a perfect present for your girlfriend. Its chain is between 18 to 20 inches long, and you can easily adjust it.

The kama has a white handle with intertwined golden stripes. The blade is heavily pronounced and is almost as long as the hilt. Keep in mind that this is not a perfect edge as it has a slight curvature on the bottom side. Between the hilt and the blade, there is a large aquamarine gem, which adds to the product’s colorfulness.

Like other pieces of LoL jewelry, this one comes in an awesome purple box with KDA letters on the outside and the KDA logo on the inside. Collectors often buy K/DA Akali necklace with K/DA Kai’Sa ring and K/DA Ahri earnings.

RockLove wiggly tongue poro necklace

Poros are such silly and adorable creatures, and I could’ve made a separate list with just poro collectibles. One of the poro products I liked the most is the wiggly tongue poro necklace that you can buy in Riot’s shop.

The piece hangs from a 20-inch chain. At the end of this chain, there is a smiling poro with his tongue sticking out. The figurine looks like any other poro, with a white body, brown horns, and big black eyes. If you check its underbelly, you can notice a large pink heart. A few silver outlines on the figure make it that much so precious.

The product comes in a luxurious black box. There is a League of Legends symbol on the top, as well as the game logo inside. So, while the necklace might look goofy, it is a great present for all the LoL supporters and especially girls.

League of Legends Miscellaneous

Shaco’s mask

Shaco’s mask is the main reason why this champion looks so sinister. And as such, it is a piece that anyone should have in their collection. The product can also be used for Halloween or for scaring your friends when they come over.

This particular item is very detailed. Something that struck me right away was not the sinister eyes but the wide smile. You can see all of the Shaco’s teeth, making the product thoroughly disturbing. His black lips make a perfect contrast to his pale, white face. The nose might look a bit cartoonish, but it just adds to the fear element.

All in all, if you wish to buy a League of Legends-inspired mask, this would be the ideal purchase.

League of Legends Beer Mug

Beer mugs are perfect presents for boyfriends. This one is tailor-made for guys who enjoy League of Legends and fine beer. The interior of the mug is made from stainless steel with an oaken exterior. There is also a large L symbol in front and on the bottom, signifying League of Legends. This part is made from brass.

What’s even better, this tankard can be customized. You can ask the manufacturer to add the name of your loved one below the letter L. Although a small detail, it would show your affection.

Lastly, I also have to mention that this product looks extremely natural. Of course, that makes sense, given that it’s made from oak. You can see all the small dents in the wood, adding authenticity. When drinking your favorite lager, you will feel as if you’re in a Runeterran tavern.

League of Legends Gift Cards

Gift cards are a perfect present when you don’t know what to buy for a friend or when you want them to make a choice. These items are very practical, giving the user all the freedom in the world.

The standard gift card for League of Legends is worth 25 dollars. You can use it to buy cosmetics, emotes, champions, and all other goodies. These are pretty straightforward and practical. If you have ever used a gift card, you will also know how to use this one.

Logitech G PRO K/DA mechanical gaming keyboard

logitech keyboard

Playing League of Legends is much better when you have the right equipment. Besides the K/DA mouse and K/DA mouse pad, you can also purchase the K/DA keyboard. It is a perfect collectible that will serve you for several years.

This is one of the official, licensed League of Legends products that you can buy in several online shops. It is worth noting that the keyboard has a micro-USB that you can detach at any time. As for other features, it also has very durable but responsive keys and switches, as well as RGB lighting.

The product has one of the best keys I’ve ever seen. They are made in rainbow colors going from light blue and purple to the left to orange and green to the right. On top of that, there are lots of blue and silver lines on it, giving it a futuristic feel. All the keys are black, and the base utilizes a black/white color combination. You can notice the KDA letters in the central upper corner.

Jinx tote bag

Tote bags are always fashionable. They are especially great for the summer when you’re wearing large but light items. This particular product comes in several sizes, and it is made from very strong polyester with cotton shoulder straps. What’s even better, the material is really easy to maintain; just throw it in a washing machine, and you’re good.

However, let’s be honest. You’re not buying the bag for its mechanical properties but for its graphic design. In that regard, the Jinx tote bag will not disappoint. It is a black item with 6 Jinx-related graphics, including phrases such as “Jinx,” “Pow Pow,” and “Get Jinxed!”

The color combinations are also dope. Pink bullet looks really good on a black background so does the white/light blue wind. This is a perfect item to stand out from the crowd, and you can match it with different types of clothes.

Mechs vs. Minions board game

As a title that has been around for a while, League of Legends has served as an inspiration for various types of products. Among others, there are lots of board games that utilize name recognition as their main selling point.

Mechs vs. Minions is a board game made by Riot. It focuses on cooperative gameplay where you play together to beat the campaign. The title is made for 2 to 4 people, but it works the best when there are 4 players.

You can choose between Tristana, Ziggs, Heimerdinger, or Corki. Each one of them drives a mech, and your main goal is to eliminate waves of minions that are threatening the land. There are several missions to choose from, making sure that the game never becomes dull. The map layout is changeable, and the players use randomly shuffled cards to cast abilities.


Question: What are the main types of League of Legends collectibles?

Answer: There are so many different League of Legends items on the market nowadays. Figures are the most popular ones, but I also have to mention plush toys, apparel, board games, stickers, keychains, and jewelry. Although geared towards League of Legends players, some of these can be appealing to other gamers as well.

Question: What is the most popular League of Legends collectible?

Answer: When talking about collectibles, most people refer to figures. Most of these pieces come as a part of a set, so it makes sense to buy them together. Braum, Gentleman Gnar, Baron Nashor, and Firecracker Jinx are among the best collectible figures.

Question: How much do League of Legends collectibles cost?

Answer: Generally speaking, these items cost between $20 and $40. Keep in mind that they’re not regarded as rarities; you can buy them from the Riot store at any time. So, as long as you have the money, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting ahold of them.


League of Legends collectibles are an awesome thing for any League of Legends player. Some of them can be purchased as gifts, and you can even buy them for a partner.

Even if you were to purchase them as individual pieces, these products are of the highest quality and can be a great addition to your desk. Riot makes awesome jewelry, apparel, and dolls, so if you like one of these, don’t be stingy and just go buy them.

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