Randuins Omen Guide: Strong Defensive Item

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Randuin’s Omen is a strong defensive item that scales well with extra health. It gives you a combination of ability haste, armor, and health, as well as two strong uniques called Humility and Rock Solid. The item has 93.83% efficiency and is especially strong on tanks. However, you can occasionally see it on melee fighters and other characters who need to get close to be efficient.

Due to its health component, Randuin’s Omen provides a nice synergy with defensive magical objects such as Gargoyle Stoneplate, Demonic Embrace, or Sunfire Aegis. Ability haste is also nice as it allows you faster utilization of nukes, disables, but also escape abilities.

In this Randuin’s Omen guide, I will go through its stats, uniques, and its optimal builds.

Key Info Up Front

Randuin’s Omen is a great addition to various tank builds. Not only does it give a solid defense to its wielder, but it can also create a freezing wave that stifles nearby opponents.

Randuin’s Omen Basic Info

randuin's omen vs phantom dancer

Randuin’s Omen has somewhat lackluster gold efficiency at 93.83%. Nevertheless, its passive and active abilities are pretty reliable and can provide a nice defensive boost to you and your team. The shield shares many similarities with Frozen Heart, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, Dead Man’s Plate, and Sunfire Aegis.

Although considered a tank item, its Humility unique active makes it viable on numerous champions. To be precise, this effect reduces enemies’ critical strike damage and attack damage, which is always useful. This makes it especially good against an AD-heavy team.

The shield can be purchased by 65 different champions. You are limited to having just one Randuin’s Omen in inventory. It costs 2,700 gold, and you can sell it at any time for 1,890 gold.

To assemble it, you need to purchase Kindlegem for 800 gold (400 gold for Ruby Crystal and 400 gold for recipe), Cloth Armor for 300 gold, Warden’s Mail for 1,000 gold (two Cloth Armors at 300 gold each, and a 400-gold recipe), and 600 gold Randuin’s Omen recipe.

Randuin’s Omen Stats and Uniques

The item gives its wielder 10 ability haste, 80 armor, and 250 health. It also has a unique active called Humility and unique passive called Rock Solid.

Humility releases a wave that freezes opponents, reducing their speed by 99% for 0.25 seconds. On top of that, it will also reduce their critical strike damage by 20% and attack damage by 10% during a 4-second span. Humility active has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Rock Solid is a passive that increases the defense of the wearer. All damage from auto-attacks will be lowered by 5 (plus 3.5 damage per 1,000 max health). You can reduce the incoming damage by up to 40%.

How does Humility Work?

Humility has several interesting interactions. First off, it won’t be affected by spell shields, and it is instantaneous. The effect is especially potent against invisible enemies, revealing them upon cast. Keep in mind that Humility affects all units, including champions, minions, and monsters.

The critical damage reduction will only work on basic attacks and abilities that work like basic attacks. It also reduces modified damage. While it doesn’t reduce critical damage from bonus damage, it will reduce their base.

You can easily notice the Humility effect. Upon activating the ability, missiles will shoot from the champion marking all the opponents that are hit. Although in the shape of missiles, these are not regarded as projectiles for the purpose of bonuses, reductions, and effects.

Randuin’s Omen History of Changes

Randuin’s Omen

Randuin’s Omen was introduced shortly after the game’s official launch. It came with the patch, and it had a similar purpose like today. Randuin’s Omen required Warden’s Mail, Heart of Gold, and a 600-gold recipe for a total of 2,950 gold.

In terms of the stats, it gave a wielder 25 health regeneration per 5 seconds, 90 armor, and 300 health. It had a nice passive unique that gave characters 15% cooldown reduction and an active that was similar to Humility. Basically, you could reduce the attack speed and movement speed of surrounding enemies by 35%. The debuff would last 1 plus 0.5% armor plus 0.5% magic resistance seconds, and it had a 60-second cooldown.

In many ways, this was League of Legends’ version of Dota’s Shiva’s Guard. The following patches were not that exhilarating. Riot fixed a few bugs tooltips, reducing the armor from 90 to 80 and cooldown reduction from 15% to 8%, and eventually 5%.

Patch brought a few bigger changes reducing the price from 2,950 gold to 2,775 gold while also reducing the armor gain from 80 to 55. Randuin’s Omen would now also provide 350 health instead of 300.

The item’s recipe was slightly changed in patch, requiring Cloth Armor on top of previous components. Furthermore, the armor gain was increased from 55 to 75. After one of the following versions, you would get an assist whenever your team kills a champion affected by the Humility debuff.

Patch Changes

This was one of the bigger patches in the League of Legends history. It also affected Randuin’s Omen, among other things. The item now had a new recipe featuring Giant’s Belt and Warden’s Mail. All in all, the new price was 3,100 gold, which was slightly higher compared to the previous price of 3,075 gold.

The health gain was increased from 350 to 500. The armor increase went from 75 to 70, while cooldown reduction and health regeneration components were completely removed. The item’s passive, called Cold Steel, was slightly improved. This debuff would trigger upon enemies’ basic attacks slowing their attack and movement speed.

Previously, it had a 20% chance to slow the attacker, which now went to 100%. The effect’s slow duration lasted 3 seconds but now was reduced to 1.5 seconds. The attack speed debuff was also reduced from 35% to 20%. The same goes for movement speed debuff, which was nerfed from 35% to 10%.

The active effect was improved a bit. It would now chill for 2 plus 1% armor plus 1% magic resistance seconds (it was previously 1 plus 0.5% armor plus 0.5% magic resistance). During the next update, the attack speed debuff was further nerfed to 15%.

In the next few patches, the developers tinkered with the price and effects. The cost was reduced from 3,100 gold to 3,000 gold, which also resulted in a lower duration of the unique passive slow, which was now reduced from 1.5 seconds to 1 second. In version 4.10, the attack speed debuff was once again reduced, going down to 10 percent.

Patch 5.16 Changes

Patch 5.16 was another big one. The Randuin’s Omen icon was changed, and its price went down to 2,700 gold. The shield’s stats were noticeably nerfed and would now provide 400 health instead of 500 and 60 armor instead of 70.

The magical object would now provide a nifty passive effect reducing damage from criticals by 10%. What’s great about this passive is that it would reduce the total damage of a critical hit, not just the critical strike damage component. In other words, it was much more efficient than the tooltip might indicate.

Riot also changed the duration of the active unique. It would now provide a static 4-second slow instead of the intricate formula that involved armor and magic resistance.

In the following patches, the Randuin’s Omen’s cost was first increased to 3,000 gold then reduced to 2,900 gold. During this period, the health stat was twice increased, and in version 6.3, it would give a wielder 500 bonus health.

Patch 7.9 Changes

Randuins Omen

After this update, Randuin’s Omen recipe was changed, and it no longer required Giant’s Belt. Instead, you would need Warden’s Mail and two Ruby Crystals. Its price, however, remained unchained. The health stat was significantly reduced, going from 500 to 350.

The critical strike damage reduction went from 10% to 20%, making the wearer extremely durable against AD nukers. Active unique’s slow duration went from 4 seconds to 2, and from 35% to 55%.

Riot made some additional changes in patch 7.14, slightly increasing health to 400, while also changing the item recipe to once again include Giant’s Belt (two Ruby Crystals were removed from the formula. In version 9.13, the armor was increased from 60 to 70.

Patch 10.23 Changes

In patch 10.23, the Randuin’s Omen’s icon was altered, and you were limited to having just one such item. Instead of Warden’s Mail and Giant’s Belt, you would now need Warden’s Mail, Kindlegem, and Cloth Armor. The price was slightly reduced from 2,900 gold to 2,700 gold.

The shield previously gave the wielder 400 health and 70 armor. After the patch, it would provide 250 health, 80 armor, and 10 ability haste.

Passive that gave the user critical strike damage reduction was removed, and it was, in a way, replaced by a new defensive passive called Rock Solid. This new effect would reduce the damage from incoming basic hits by 5 per 1,000 total health, for up to 40% damage reduction.

Previously, Randuin’s Omen had a passive Cold Steel and an active effect, both of which slowed down the enemies. These two debuffs were unified in a new active called Humility.

This effect slowed down nearby opponents’ movement speed by 99% and would reduce their AD by 10%, as well as critical strike damage by 20%. Movement speed reduction lasted 0.25 seconds, while damage reduction lasted 4 seconds.

Rock Solid was slightly altered in patch 11.11, providing a reduction of basic damage by 5. Instead of getting 5 damage reduction per 1,000 total health, you would now gain 3.5 damage reduction per 1,000. The last update occurred in patch 11.12 when the developers fixed a minor bug.

The Most Common Randuin’s Omen Users

Randuin’s Omen is a very popular item. It is commonly bought on top lane tanks, but you can also notice it on junglers and supports. The shield makes its wearer extremely tanky, especially against physical attacks. The active unique Humility is great for teamfights and can help your entire team.

Overall, Randuin’s Omen has a win rate of 56.32% throughout all the patches. It has a solid pick rate of 12.51%, which means that you will likely see at least one Randuin’s Omen during any game. The shield is viable on 65 champions.

Most players get the item as a second, third, or fourth purchase. It is bought as the second item in 20.6% of all the purchases, as the third item in 36.72% of all cases, and as the fourth item in 25.67% of all games. Randuin’s Omen is most successful when you buy it as the last item, giving you a 60.63%-win chance.

As for the most common users, it is extremely popular on Dr. Mundo. The champion will buy it for 23.01% of all its games. Zac players buy Randuin’s Omen in 14.63% of Zac games, and it is bought on Sejuani in 13.75% of her games.

The shield is extremely potent on Kindred, giving this champion a 64.91% chance of winning the game when he has Randuin’s Omen in the inventory. Rammus has a 63.16% chance of winning the match while wearing this item, while it provides a 61.09%-win chance to Maokai.

The Most Popular Builds Featuring Randuin’s Omen

Randuin's Omen

You can pair up Randuin’s Omen with various tank items such as Thornmail, Demonic Embrace, Abyssal Mask, or Sunfire Aegis. However, it seems that it provides the highest win rate when you combine it with offensive items like Wit’s End (59.8%-win rate) or Guinsoo’s Rageblade (59.6%-win rate).

Given its Rock Solid passive, it is especially good on champions who have a high health pool or with items that provide lots of bonus health. If you wish, you can also pair it up with certain support items to provide even more utility to your team. Here are the most popular builds featuring Randuin’s Omen:

  • Amumu (Randuin’s Omen, Plated Steelcaps, Thornmail, Sunfire Aegis, Abyssal Mask, Demonic Embrace)
  • Cho’Gath (Randuin’s Omen, Plated Steelcaps, Thornmail, Abyssal Mask, Frostfire Gaunlet, Warmog’s Armor)
  • Nunu (Randuin’s Omen, Plated Steelcaps, Thornmail, Sunfire Aegis, Dead Man’s Plate, Spirit Visage)
  • Ornn (Randuin’s Omen, Plated Steelcaps, Thornmail, Sunfire Aegis, Abyssal Mask, Warmog’s Armor)
  • Poppy (Randuin’s Omen, Plated Steelcaps, Thornmail, Sunfire Aegis, Abyssal Mask, Force of Nature)
  • Rammus (Randuin’s Omen, Plated Steelcaps, Thornmail, Sunfire Aegis, Abyssal Mask, Dead Man’s Plate)

Given that all of these are tank characters, it makes sense they would build Plated Steelcaps. Thornmail and Randuin’s Omen are a very strong combination. Both of them provide health and armor, which is crucial for their respective passives. Extra 350 health from Thornmail will synergize well with Rock Solid passive, while Randuin’s Omen’s 80 armor will work nicely with Thornmail’s Thorn passive.

Abyssal Mask works in a similar manner. The item gives you 10 ability haste, 30 magic resistance, and 450 health. Given that Randuin’s Omen doesn’t have magic resistance, this is a nice addition to your inventory. Abyssal Mask’s passive Unmake can reduce nearby enemy’s magic resistance based on your bonus health.

So, it will scale really well with Randuin’s Omen but can also increase your AOE presence, especially when you combine it with Sunfire Aegis.

Interesting Facts About Randuin’s Omen

Randuin’s Omen is a really interesting item. Here are a few interesting facts about the shield, its development, and its effects:

  • If you count just the basic stat bonuses from Randuin’s Omen, this magical shield will provide a 5.8 damage reduction on every auto-attack.
  • Its active effect Humility is especially potent against champions with a high critical chance. However, it can provide benefits against just about any auto-attacking character.
  • Randuin’s Omen is a weapon from Demacia. Its icon has a crest of the prominent Lightshield dynasty.
  • Like many other items in League of Legends, this one pays homage to one of its employees Robin “Randuin” Liao.
  • If you click on champions affected by Humility, you will notice that the debuff is called Black Omen. This is likely a reference to Chrono Trigger and a floating palace from this game.
  • What makes Randuin’s Omen so unique is the fact that this is the only item that reduces critical hit damage.


Question: How Does Randuin’s Omen Work?

Answer: Randuin’s Omen is an item that gives the user 10 ability haste, 80 armor, and 250 health. It has two passives called Rock Solid and Humility. Rock Solid is a pretty straightforward effect that reduces incoming damage from all basic attacks, while Humility releases a wave onto opponents reducing their movement speed, attack damage, and critical damage.

Question: How Good is Randuin’s Omen?

Answer: Randuin’s Omen is a solid item that had a win rate of 56.32% throughout its run. Even in modern patches, it is really potent, significantly increasing the defense of a champion while also stifling enemies within its area of effect.

Question: Does Randuin Omen Stack?

Answer: Since patch 10.23, you can have only one Randuin’s Omen in your inventory. In that regard, this shield will not stack with other, same items.

Randuins Omen Guide: Last Considerations

Randuin’s Omen is a perfect tank item. Not only does it shield your champion, but it provides amazing benefits to the whole team. It will reduce opponents’ damage through its passive Humility, but it will also reduce the incoming damage to your champions with Rock Solid passive.

The shield is especially potent when paired with defensive items like Sunfire Aegis, Thornmail, or Abyssal Mask. You can build it on 65 different characters, and it provides a win rate of 56.32%. With this item in inventory, you can jump into the enemy team decimating the frontlines and stifling their carries.

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