Lux Skins Guide

Lux Skins Guide

Lux is a powerful champion that can be played in either the mid-lane or as a support. I play Lux almost exclusively as a support, as her low mobility can make avoiding ganks in the mid-lane difficult. Lux has incredible damage and good crowd control, as well as fun voice lines that will brighten any […]

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LoL Tier List

LoL Tier List

I’m pretty sure you are constantly seeing the same Champions in your matches; the same Camilles, Rivens, Yasuos, and Swains breaking the Summoner’s Rift constantly, and it’s because they are excellent Champions.  This is because there’s a pack of Champions with a lot of utilities, while others don’t; some can bring a lot to the

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Leona Skins Guide

Leona, the Radiant Dawn, is a tank that relies on the power of the Sun to vanquish her enemies. The champion has various debilitating effects that help her control the opponents. She also has a solid defensive ability and a mobility spell. Key Info Up Front At this moment, Leona has a total of 12

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Tahm Kench Guide

Tahm Kench Guide

Riot Games’ old Champs are known for a reason; their charisma. You can have a half-turtle half-hedgehog beast that only says “OK” or creatures with wings and big claws from another dimension. While also having small badger-like explorers or scientists with hammers or small turrets.  One of those fabulous creatures is Tahm Kench. A demon

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Akshan Guide

If you’re just starting to play League of Legends, Akshan would be one of the best choices to start with. This low difficulty marksman is pretty vulnerable to stuns, but you can always utilize his high mobility and camouflage to escape a sticky situation. What separates Akshan from other champions is his ability to revive

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Illaoj Guide

Illaoi is a champion of medium difficulty, and depending on your playstyle and ability to read a situation, she can be very effective against most enemies. The character is highly dependent on tentacles, which spawn around walls. To get the most out of her, you should fight in the areas that have previously-spawned tentacles. Besides

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Zilean Guide

The Chronokeeper Zilean is among the oldest champions in League of Legends. As you can guess, he is able to manipulate time, slowing, hastening, and stopping enemies and effects. One of the things that makes him unique is the fact he can empower allies by giving them an experience boost. The character has an above-average

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