Summon Aery Guide

Summon Aery Guide

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In this Summon Aery guide, I’m going to talk to you about the Summon Aery which is a powerful keystone from the Sorcery tree. As the name implies, it is a rune that summons an Aery.

The spirit can be summoned with either offensive or defensive spells. When you damage an opponent, Aery appears and continues attacking the target. If you cast a defensive spell on an ally, the friendly spirit will provide additional shielding on the same champion.

The great thing about this particular keystone is that you can use it for just about any champion. It is good for mages, enchanters, hybrids, and AP assassins. The keystone is especially nice on characters that combine offensive and defensive spells as it buffs both of these categories. However, if you’re looking for pure damage output, it is much better to go with Arcane Comet.

Key Info Up Front

When damaging an opponent, you summon Aery that will strike them for additional damage based on your level, AP, and AD. Aery also appears when you buff, shield, or heal allies, providing extra shielding based on your level, AP, and AD.

Summon Aery Basic Uses

When a champion casts a damaging spell, uses a basic attack, a damaging summoner spell, or item effect, he summons an Aery to strike that same target. The spirit does from 10 to 40 damage depending on the champion’s level plus 10% ability power and 15% attack damage. The combined damage is calculated as adaptive damage.

You can also activate the effect by shielding, buffing, or healing an ally. In that case, Aery provides extra shielding to the same target for 35 to 80 damage plus 25% ability power and 40% attack damage. The shield stays up for 2 seconds.

These effects are almost instantaneous. The offensive damage is applied after 0.45 seconds, while shields are applied at 0.35 seconds after casting a defensive spell on an ally. Aery hovers around an enemy for 2 seconds, after which it’s summoned back. The effect cannot be applied again until the spirit returns.

The best thing about Summon Aery’s offensive component is that it’s calculated as adaptive damage. In other words, you can utilize it on both physical or magical damage dealers without losing its potency.

How Is Summon Aery Used?

Although the keystone can be taken for just about any champion, it is ideal for supports, enchanters, and such. The shielding component provides that little bit of extra protection in a pinch. The best users are Karma, Sona, Lux, Lulu, Orianna, Bard, etc.

The effect is even better if you have a defensive ability rotation that can be cast every 2 seconds. For example, you can cast a heal, and after that, a shield, a buff, etc. Ideally, you should buff an ally every two seconds instead of spamming several abilities simultaneously. That way, you can get the most from the shielding effect.

Always remember that the effect also works on items and summoner spells. In other words, you can use Heal summoner spell on a target or a shield/buff from an item to apply Summon Aery’s shield. This gives you much more options for the ability rotation. Of course, if you have already decided to go with this keystone, it is much better to focus on ability haste as it would provide a more constant shield buff rotation.

Summon Aery in the Early Game

The usefulness of Summon Aery in the early game depends on the situation and why you’re using it. Generally speaking, the keystone’s offensive component is much better during the earlier portions of the game. As you will trade a lot with the enemies, you can dish more damage with Aery.

The defensive shielding is much better in dual lanes. It is especially good if you or your ally are being targeted by the opponents. In such situations, it can be a real game-changer in helping you get away from the pursuers. However, if you’re in a solo lane, the shielding effect is significantly less useful.

It is also worth noting that Summon Aery cannot miss, which makes it much better against certain types of champions. Furthermore, the effect procs on damage over time spells. So, if you’re using someone like Teemo, you can maximize Summon Aery’s potential when you combine it with Toxic Shot.

Summon Aery in the Later Stages

Summon Aery remains relevant throughout. The shielding is especially powerful as it scales really well with levels but also attacks damage and ability power. The only issue here is that you’re getting a much bigger bonus from AD (40%) compared to AP (25%), which makes it less than ideal for enchanters.

At the same time, this can provide some interesting build routes. Although this isn’t a common choice, you can get it on certain fighters that utilize shields and heals. You can also get in on supports that are not that reliant on AP. Taric is a nice example as he benefits from AD for his basic strikes and, in particular, for his passive Bravado.

Summon Aery compared to Arcane Comet

If you’re taking the Sorcery route, you commonly have to choose between Summon Aery and Arcane Comet. Each one of them has its advantages and drawbacks.

As mentioned, Summon Aery is the optimal choice for support, but that doesn’t mean you cannot use it on offensive mages. While this keystone has significantly lower damage compared to Arcane Comet (10 – 40, + 15% AD, +10% AP against 30 – 100, +35% AD, +20% AP), it can still be good in certain situations.

The biggest issue with Arcane Comet is that it has a rather long cooldown of 20 seconds, which goes down to 8 with levels. Keep in mind that the cooldown can be reduced with spell damage (20% reduction), area damage (10% cooldown reduction per target struck), and persistent damage (5% cooldown reduction). However, it is still significantly longer than Summon Aery.

Arcane Comet is generally better if you follow up your initial spell with other spells. This would reduce the cooldown of the effect, allowing you to cast the comet two times during an engagement (at least at higher levels). But, during the laning phase, where you are more reliant on poking, Summon Aery is a much better choice. This is especially true if you consider that the effect is activated with basic strikes.

To sum it up, Arcane Comet is better in the late game and for quick bursting, while Summon Aery is better for sustained damage over time.

Best Sorcery Runes with Summon Aery

  • Tier 2: Nullifying Orb (alternative Manaflow Band)
  • Tier 3: Transcendence (alternative Absolute Focus)
  • Tier 4: Gathering Storm (alternative Scorch)

Nullifying Orb (Manaflow Band)

Your choice of runes is predicated on how you’re using Summon Aery. The primary runes are defensive, meant for support, while alternative runes are for offensive casters providing extra damage to the champion.

Nullifying Orb activates when you’re about to go below 30% health. Before you do so, a defensive shield envelops the champion absorbing 40 to 120 damage depending on level, plus 15% AD and 10% AP for 4 seconds. The effect has a 60-second cooldown. This is a great rune for healers who just want to sit in the back and boost their frontliners. Unfortunately, it doesn’t synergize directly with Summon Aery, as you can’t shield yourself with this keystone.

Manaflow Band is much better for offensive casters. The rune gives you permanent 25 mana per ability cast for up to 250 mana. This is much better for champions who want to focus on harassing during the laning phase.

Transcendence (Absolute Focus)

Transcendence gives users a total of 10 ability haste (5 on level 5 and 5 on level 8) while also reducing cooldowns upon takedown (available from level 11 onward). Although you will rarely make a takedown with support, 10 ability power can come in handy if you’re focusing on Summon Aery.

Absolute Focus gives you from 2 to 18 extra attack damage or 3 to 30 extra ability power as long as you’re above 70% health. The bonus is adaptive, so the most champion will gain that nice AP boost. Of course, this is ideal for any caster who wants to improve their shielding and healing power.

Gathering Storm (Scorch)

Gathering Storm is an incredible rune that can fit just about any champion. It gives you either 0 to 80 ability power or 0 to 48 attack damage. The bonus scales with minutes past. Of course, this is an especially great choice if you think that a game is going late.

Once again, extra ability power is amazing for all shielding and healing and can provide a major bonus to your Summon Aery effect.

Scorch is a much better option if you’re using the keystone offensively. Whenever you hit an enemy with a damaging ability, they will take from 15 to 35 magic damage after one second. The bonus varies based on your level and has a 10-second cooldown. This can be a good source of extra damage in the lane, and it is a relatively spammable effect.

Secondary Rune Options (Resolve)

Tier 2: Font of Life

Tier 3: Conditioning

Tier 4: Revitalize

Font of Life

Resolve has some of the best runes for Summon Aery users. These are defensive perks that can boost your own health and resistance or your ally’s defensive prowess.

Font of Life marks an enemy when you slow them down or immobilize them. The effect lasts for 4 seconds, and every time an ally strikes the marked target, they heal 5 health plus 1% of your own total health over 1.75 seconds. This is a great rune when your teammate has already engaged an opponent, is slowly starting to lose health, but cannot disengage.

Font of Life scales nicely with Summon Aery, as your champion can slowly heal while being continuously shielded by you (if we assume that you’re slowing down an enemy while buffing the ally).


When 12 minutes pass, you ga extra 9 magic resistance and 9 armor. At the same time, your total armor and magic resistance will increase by 5% each. Generally speaking, this isn’t an ideal rune for support as you won’t build many armor/magic resistance items, to begin with. However, the very fact that you’re getting some protection can be nice.

Alternatively, you can also consider Second Wind instead of Conditioning. However, given that this is a regenerative ability, you might already be dead by the time it kicks in. All in all, Conditioning is nice, but it doesn’t scale with Summon Aery. It only helps the caster by providing extra resilience.


The rune boosts your shielding and healing effects by 5%. If a target is below 40% health, the effects increase to 10%. Similarly, all shielding and healing effects (cast on yourself or on an ally) are boosted by 10% if you’re below 40% health.

Revitalize is simply awesome for clutch healing and shielding. So much so that this is the best rune from the tree if you’re relying on defensive Summon Aery. The boost cannot be understated, and it works well both on the keystone as well as the abilities.

Secondary Rune Options (Precision)

Tier 2: Presence of Mind

Tier 3: Legend: Tenacity

Tier 4: Cut Down

Presence of Mind

Upon scoring takedowns, your champion restores 15% of max mana or energy. You also gain increased mana and energy regeneration whenever you damage an enemy. The effect last 4 seconds and provides 1.5 energy per second or 1 to 11 mana (for melee champions) or 1 to 9 mana (for ranged champions).

This one is pretty much self-explanatory. Even if you’re a support, you will benefit from this rune. It is especially useful during the laning phase as it allows you to poke opponents more efficiently. If you’re using Summon Aery offensively for a mage or assassin, you can benefit greatly when making takedowns.

Legend: Tenacity

The rune gives you 5% base tenacity and extra 2.5% tenacity per stack for a potential total of 30% tenacity at 10 stacks. You gain these stacks by killing elite monsters, champions, and to a smaller extent, minions and large monsters.

The rune is much better for offensive users, but it can also provide nice benefits for backline supports (if you manage to gain stacks). Of course, tenacity is something that is much better on fighters and tanks, but it can be valuable on just about anyone.

Cut Down

You dish an extra 5% to 15% damage based on a discrepancy between your and your opponent’s health. The damage increases linearly, counting from 10% extra health to 100% extra health. Of course, this particular rune is only good for offensive Summon Aery users.

Secondary Rune Options (Inspiration)

Tier 2: Magical Footwear

Tier 3: Biscuit Delivery

Tier 4: Cosmic Insight

Magical Footwear

After 12 minutes, a champion gains Slightly Magical Boots free of charge. The timing can be reduced by 45 for each takedown you make until 12 minutes. These boots are regarded as regular boots and take an inventory slot. Later on, you can upgrade them like all other boots, without any restriction. On top of that, you also gain an extra 10 movement speed.

The only catch is that you cannot purchase any boots before receiving Slightly Magical Boots. This rune is great for saving some money and not having to go back to base to retrieve the item. While it doesn’t provide any synergy with Summon Aery, it can work well on any support character.

Biscuit Delivery

You get a Total Biscuit of Everlasting Will at 2 minutes, 4 minutes, and 6 minutes. Keep in mind that they cannot appear in your inventory if all the slots are occupied. Instead, you will have to empty one of them so that the consumable appears. A champion gains 50 mana upon consumption as well as permanent 50 mana.

Once again, this is more of a utility rune and doesn’t synergize with Summon Aery.

Cosmic Insight

Cosmic Insight gives you 10 ability haste, and 18 summon haste. Both of these are great for Summon Aery keystone as they allow a more frequent activation of the effect.

The Most Common Summon Aery Users

There are numerous champions who can benefit from this keystone. The list includes Janna, Soraka, Lulu, Sona, Yuumi, etc. Although it is much better on supports, it can also work well on mages and assassins (least potent on assassins as they prefer nuke damage and, as such, Arcane Comet would be a better choice).

You can even get this keystone if you’re about to start a game and don’t know what to select on a specific champion. It is highly adaptable and great on just about anyone as it can utilize both attack damage and ability power.


Question: What does Summon Aery do?

Answer: As the name implies, this keystone summons the spirit of Aery. You can activate it with both offensive and defensive spells, summoner spells, items, and basic strikes. When damaging an opponent from any source, Aery will attack it once again for minor damage. When you shield, buff, or heal an ally, summoned Aery will provide an additional shield on top of it that will protect the champion for 2 seconds.

Question: Does Summon Aery scale?

Answer: Similar to other runes and keystones, Summon Aery scales with levels AP, and AD. Furthermore, its offensive component does adaptive damage, ensuring that you can always dish maximum damage regardless of the champion that you’re playing.

Question: How much damage does Summon Aery do?

Answer: Summon Aery does from 10 to 40 damage plus 15% extra attack damage plus 10% extra ability power. The total damage is calculated as adaptive damage.

Summon Aery Guide: Conclusion

Summon Aery is a multi-purpose keystone that can be equipped on a plethora of champions. It has an offensive and a defensive component, working on basic attacks, summoner spells, items, damaging abilities, heals, buffs, and shields.

Regardless of its flexibility, the keystone is best utilized on supports. When you buff, shield, or heal an ally, Summon Aery will create a barrier absorbing 35 to 80 damage plus 25% ability power plus 40% attack damage over the course of 2 seconds.

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