League of Legends Rotating Game Mode Guide

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Over the years, Riot has introduced various modes to League of Legends. Given how long the MOBA has existed, it makes sense that the developers would constantly try to introduce new features, continuously entertaining their player base with something fresh.

Rotating Game Mode allows the company to reintroduce old popular modes to the game and give their player base what they want. The great thing about Rotating Game Mode is that you never know what comes next, and you can get surprised with something cool every once in a while.

In this guide, I will explain what Rotating Game Mode is and what kind of modes you can expect.

Key Info Up Front

Rotating Game Mode is a feature that allows players to revisit some of the old, popular modes in League of Legends. You can enjoy a total of 16 modes, each with its specific characteristics and goals.

Rotating Game Mode Basic Info

As mentioned, when you queue for this Rotating Game Mode, you can enjoy a featured map that was available during the specific time period. Riot creates different rotations based on the popularity of a specific mode, so you can see all sorts of stuff.

The great thing about this feature is that you can play some old, cool maps. As soon as you’ve had enough of one particular mode, another one comes around. Of course, some of them are more popular than others, so they will be featured more frequently.

Rotating Game Mode was introduced 6 years ago, in 2016, and it is still very popular.

Game Modes Available During Rotating Game Mode

Here is a list of modes available during Rotating Game Mode (keep in mind that the number of weeks depends on modes popularity):

1.Ascension (Featured For 17 Weeks)

Ascension is available on the Crystal Scar map.

What makes the mode special is the ability to ascend champions. When Ancient Ascendant is killed, it will create a circle on the map where you can place your character. The champion enters stasis, and after 5 seconds, it becomes ascended, gaining extra health, AP, AD, extra magic, and armor penetration while lowering cooldowns, and eliminating mana and energy costs.

Both teams compete to reach the score of 200. When you kill an enemy champion, your team will get 1 point. If your champion is Ascended, the kill will grant 2 points. If you acquire Relic of Shurima,  you get 3 points, while killing the Ascended Champion or Ancient Ascendant will grant you 5.

2.Legend of the Poro King (Featured For 15 Weeks)

Legend of the Poro King is a pretty straightforward yet popular mode. It is played on Howling Abyss, and you will be forced to make a blind pick.

Instead of the usual summoner spells, you will have access to To the King! spell and Poro Toss/Poro Dash spell. Once you score 10 hits with Poro Toss, you will be able to summon Poro King. This is a powerful unit that will help you siege the enemy base. When you feed the king with treats, it will start causing unpredictable effects.

3.Nexus Siege (Featured For 10 Weeks)

Nexus Siege is another popular map that swerves the basic premise of the game. Instead of attacking each other’s bases, teams are split into defenders and attackers. In other words, there will be only one set of structures and its defenders’ task to protect them.

It is worth noting that the attacking team has higher health, AP, and AD, all of which increase over time. As for the gold, all players get the same amount over time, regardless of last hits and other gold bonuses that exist in the base game.

Attackers gain access to new siege weapons while defenders get tower upgrades. Once attackers raze the base, it is the defenders’ turn to attack. The team that destroys the enemy’s base the quickest will be victorious.

4.All Random Ultra Rapid Fire (Featured For 8 Weeks)

As the name implies, All Random Ultra Rapid Fire is a mode that utilizes blind drafts and all random champion selection. What makes it specific is the fact that you can use the abilities much quicker and that the matches usually last 20 minutes or less. Furthermore, abilities do not cost energy or mana, allowing you to spam them throughout the game.

This particular mode is very different from your regular Summoner’s Rift games. Aside from the fact that spells are much quicker and have no mana cost, you also get 60 movement speed, 25% tenacity, extra critical strike damage and attack speed, and the ability to convert mana into health and vice versa.

To make the game faster, health and shields are less potent, making certain champions much weaker in this mode. Furthermore, you get much more gold from minions, especially if you land last hits. The level is capped at 30.

5.Hunt of the Blood Moon (Featured For 8 Weeks)

In Hunt of the Blood Moon, teams of assassins compete for Blood Moon buff, which would grant them immense power for a brief period of time. All picks are blind and feature a specific pool of assassin champions.

To win the match, you need to accrue 350 points. Killing enemy spirits will grant you 3 points while killing champions will give you 5. If you manage to kill 3 enemy spirits of champions without dying or going back to base, you will get a strong boost called Demon Brand, providing several enhancements to your champion.

6.One for All (Featured For 8 Weeks)

For the most part, One for All resembles your standard draft pick match. The only difference is that the characters are mirrored. During the picking phase, each team can ban a champion, and then you get to choose your pick through a vote.

On top of that, there are some differences in terms of abilities; the champion will work slightly differently compared to the regular map. They might also dish higher or lower damage or might have increased or decreased damage reduction.

Everyone gets the One for All boost providing extra movement speed and summoner spell haste.

7.Dark Star: Singularity (Featured For 6 Weeks)

Dark Star: Singularity is played on Cosmic Ruins map. Players take the role of Thresh, and their main task is to pull opponents towards the Dark Star. The event is played 3 versus 3, and each team needs 100 points to win the round. Dark Star: Singularity is played best of 3.

Thresh has access to four abilities: Cosmic Death Sentence, Gravitational Dark Passage, Dark Energy Flay, and the Box. There are no items, gold, summoner abilities, or experience; the map is as simple as it gets, and to win rounds, you need to be able to land your skillshots.

All players have the same stats. Furthermore, the only way to kill your opposition is by tossing them into the Dark Star.

8.Doom Bots of Doom (Featured For 6 Weeks)

Doom Bots of Doom is a co-op mode where 5 humans play against 5 bots. The enemies are much stronger and have access to powerful, global curses. If you’re playing a higher difficulty, they will become even stronger as the game progresses. Your task is to survive for 15 minutes and kill the boss that spawns after this time mark.

9.Definitely not Dominion (Featured For 3 Weeks)

This mode is based on old Dominion resources. It is played on the map called Crystal Scar Field of Justice, and it features two teams of 5 players.

To win the game, you need to destroy the enemy Nexus, which has 500 health. You can only do this by controlling more strategic points than your enemy (slowly depleting Nexus’s health) or by killing opposing champions (each kill deals 2 damage to the respective Nexus). Once Nexus’ health drops below 100, you can no longer reduce it by killing champions. If you manage to gain access to Ultra Minion Relic, you will reduce its health by 5.

The map has a few exclusive items and relics that will boost your champions. You can also gain Nimbus Storm buff by gaining control of a Storm Altar.

10.Hexakill: Twisted Treeline (Featured For 3 Weeks)

Hexakill is a mode that allows you to play 6 versus 6. This particular version is played on Twisted Treeline (thus the name differentiation). Due to the fact, there are more champions on the map, you will gain more gold and experience. If you manage to gain control of the altars, you can empower minions with stat boosts.

11.Invasion (Featured For 3 Weeks)

Invasion is a 5-person co-op played on the Valoran City Park map. To win the mode, you need to fend off waves of invaders, which will ultimately result in a big boss fight. Besides the basic Invasion mode, you can also try your luck in more difficult Onslaught mode (needs to be unlocked).

To get to the boss, you need to beat 7 waves of monsters. There are different types of waves called Survival (you need to survive the attacks and beat the opponents), Defense (the team defends from a bubble, and you need to kill all the enemy units), Escape (everyone is placed within a shield, and one of the champions needs to reach escape point for the team to win), and Boss fight.

There are 10 female champions to choose from. You all have access to the shop and start with 2,600 gold. Between the waves, you have the option of purchasing new items, and your health/mana will be instantly replenished.

12.Ultra Rapid Fire (Featured For 2 Weeks)

Basically, this is the same mode as All Random Ultra Rapid Fire, with the only difference being that you can pick your champion. Generally speaking, it is was less popular than the other variant.

13.Hexakill (Featured For 2 Weeks)

Hexakill is the same mode as Hexakill: Twisted Treeline. The only difference is that this one is played on the Summoner’s Rift map.

14.All Random Summoner’s Rift (Featured For 2 Weeks)

All Random Summoner’s Rift

Again, another self-explanatory mode. It is a standard 5v5 match one Summoner’s Rift map where all champions are randomized.

15.OVERCHARGE (Featured For 2 Weeks)

OVERCHARGE is a game mode played 3 versus three on the Substructure 43 map. The first team to reach 50 wins the game, and you get 1 point for every champion kill. If your character has the overcharge buff, you will receive 5 points for every kill.

All champions start with 5,500 gold and level 6. The only way to get money and experience is by destroying enemies and picking up Augmentation Fragments. The cool thing about OVERCHARGE is that you only have access to offensive items. However, you cannot recall to the store.

As for the stats, champions have reduced vision by 400, 15 extra magic resistance and armor, 200 extra health, and deal extra 50% spell damage. You can only choose Heal, Ghost, Cleanse, Flash, and Barrier summoner spells. The map has several interesting features, including surveillance zones, vents, blast nodes, and teleportation pads.

16.Nemesis Draft (Featured For 1 Week)

Although the least popular of all the modes, Nemesis Draft can be really interesting and challenging. During the draft, teams will pick for each other (enemies will select your team’s champion). Your task as a drafter is to choose the worst champions possible and awful team composition.


Question: What is Rotating Game Mode in League of Legends?

Answer: Over the years, Riot has made various modes for League of Legends. Most of them were removed over time. With Rotating Game Mode, you can enjoy all these maps once again. This particular mode rotates various maps from the past, allowing players to have fun outside of the regular Summoner’s Rift matches.

Each map will last for approximately 10 days, after which it will be substituted for another one. Depending on mode popularity, they might prolong it for a few more rotations.

Question: Which modes are available in Rotating Game Mode?

Answer: Rotating Game Mode features a total of 16 game modes, including One For All, Definitely Not Dominion, Ascension, Nexus Siege, Legend of the Poro King, Dark Star: Singularity, All Random Ultra Rapid Fire, Ultra Rapid Fire, Hunt of the Blood Moon, Doom Bots of Doom, Hexakill, Hexakill: Twisted Treeline, Invasion, All Random Summoner’s Rift, Nemesis Draft, and OVERCHARGE.

Question: What are the most popular modes in Rotating Game Mode?

Answer: Rotating Game Mode features 16 unique maps. Some of them are completely different from the main game, which others represent minor alterations. The most popular maps played during Rotating Game Mode are Ascension (it was available for 17 weeks), Legend of the Poro King (available for 15 weeks), Nexus Siege (available for 10 weeks), and All Random Ultra Rapid Fire (available for 8 weeks).

League of Legends Rotating Game Mode Guide: Last Considerations

Rotating Game Mode actually represents a plethora of modes. Riot has assembled its best maps over the years and given them to the player base. According to the popularity, some of them can be prolonged, lasting for several weeks at once.

The great thing about Rotating Game Mode is that you can enjoy some of the older maps for a certain period. As long as there are enough players, the mode will be featured. When the player base drops and people stop playing the map, it will be substituted with something else.

In theory, you can continuously have fun switching between modes. Furthermore, given that the selection is based on the number of players, most people will be happy, and you won’t be able to complain as to why a certain mode was in the rotation.

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